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    Stewart Willis

    During September and October for the past 4 years I  have become consumed with preparing for the SKUSA! SuperNats.  I get calls from parents all over the country about the Tag Cadet engine package and their general sense of anticipation for this huge event.
    Well, we are less than 60 days out from the next Pro Tour Race at Modesto.    I did not think much of this idea until I started to see what is going on behind the scenes.  We all know what kind of promotion machine SKUSA is.  We all know the how awesome these events are.    But, as I began to see the support that the City of Modesto is putting behind this thing, you start to realize, “HOLY S@#%  this thing is going to be HUGE!”    I happened to be driving down to San Diego from the SKUSA Pro Kart Challenge race in Sonoma and I stopped by a mall in Modesto.  There were 15 foot banners  with karts plastered all over the place promoting this race.  When we go to SuperNats, there is not a huge presence that there is a race going on there when you are in other parts of the hotel.

    But, at the Summer Nats in Modesto not only do you have the marketing machine of SKUSA pushing this thing, you also have a huge budget by the City of Modesto joining in.   What  I see here is a huge ability for the local northern California shops and track to grow the sport for their region.

    Personally,  I am so pumped  about this race.  It feels like Vegas is coming early….   I CAN’T WAIT!  We all know that it is going to sell out….  So, if you are lucky enough to be eligible to attend, I would not miss out!

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    Stewart Willis

    It is my understanding that The Doubletree Modesto sold out of its 160 room block in about an hour after being released to the public.    CRAZY!

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