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    bruce jones

    A friend of mine is trying out a skip tooth rear sprocket.  I know the theory behind it and for lower powered classes, I think there may be some (minor) merit to it.  What I’m wondering is, would a lighter 219 chain in conjunction with a skip tooth provide a measurable difference over a 35 chain with regular sprocket?


    Bruce J.

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    Mark Lozon

    Bruce in my shop we think one way “everything matters” . With karts some classes that run engine as low as 8-10 hp, if we can gain a 1/2 a hp by less strain on the drive train….it matters. 219 is lighter so there for creates less strain on the engine/drive train and provides more ground clearance.

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    Brian Degulis

    I had an Aixro. I switched from 428 chain to 35 and there was a noticable increase in power. I don’t think the weight of the chain had much to do with it. I think smaller links means less strain going around the clutch sprocket because each link pivots less so less friction less heat less wasted power.



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    bruce jones

    Thanks guys.

    I did my first test on my CRG today and I do like the 219 chain over the 35.  It felt smoother and I can feel my tired old clone motor start to pull a little quicker.  I don’t have a 219 skip tooth yet. I’m trying to decide if I should modify a regular sprocket or just break down and buy one.


    But, I like the 219 for all the reasons both of you mentioned.  Less mass more links= less friction.  The only thing holding me back is finding a 219 chain long enough to put on my daughter Kosmic/lo206.



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    Gary Lawson

    Zero error racing is making skip tooth sprockets. Tested last weekend at the uspks in yamaha.

    BJ, just take two chains and make the length you need.

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    bruce jones

    Hi Gary

    I met you this spring down at Kershaw with Derek. I’m the guy that bought the Kosmic off of Derek.

    I’ve been keeping up with the ZE prototypes on the skip tooth and that was one of the reasons I started looking at the 219 chain with the skip tooth on my 4 strokes.  It seemed like a no brained because there is less mass, less friction and the smaller teeth would give slightly smaller increments in ratio changes which would help in getting the most out of the out of an engine with limited HP and RPM.

    Does anyone make a master link for 219 chains or do I have to cut and paste the chains together?



    Bruce J.



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