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      Derek Lodato

      Good evening David.

      I really like the site however in order to enhance it .. it would be FANTASTIC to be able to perform searches in the classified section specifically.

      If someone were to input Sparco race suit in the search they would get hits in the classifieds on all people selling Sparco suits. This would be MUCH easier to find what you are looking for rather than having to search page by page. The result would be a more efficient and much better experience for the person searching and WAY more chances for the seller to find a buyer.

      Some Ads sit for a long time looking for the right buyer… say 3 weeks to a couple of months… In today’s times people don’t have all day to manually search.. they are in and out .. and unfortunately lots of sellers miss their targets this way cause their items are sitting on page 4 and the potential buyer only had the patience to search to page 3.  I know people use the bump bump technique but with the search the seller would no longer need to do this. It’ll keep your site out on top by incorporating a search feature

      Just an idea … Have a good weekend!


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