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      Ryan Knowlton

      Hey guys, I just wanted to update everyone on the 4-cycle racing at the SIMA track in Sumas, WA. Our class has been picking up more participants this year and we’ve enjoyed some good racing. With the off season here for the amateurs, I wanted to let everyone know where this class stands.

      I’m sure everyone is aware of the issues with all the different rule sets and how much of a hassle it is, so we have worked on implementing a “weight program” similar to the TAG classes for all the different engine packages and run them together as a 4-cycle group.

      We have had good showings of Honda GX 200’s from the ASN (Canada rule set), the Seattle karting club Honda GX200 rule set, several clones based on the IKF/AKRA rules, a couple of world formula’s, and I am personally running a 420cc predator due to my size and weight.  We’re continuing to adjust the weights to keep racing close. SIMA’s track owners want to get the message across that if you want to race with your specific engine package we’ll get a weight set for you and get you on the track!

      As we stand now here is the engine packages and weights-subject to some adjustment for the coming 2014 season:

      Honda GX200 under ASN and Seattle Karting Club rules, 345#’s min.

      Clone or “Chonda” engines under IKF/AKRA rules, 345#’s min.

      Modified Clone or Honda GX200 365#’s min.

      World formula and Animal, 400#’s min.

      LO206,  only had one racer this season, ran 360#’s.

      Big Block Clone 420cc predator per OVKA rules***, 450#’s min.

      ***Head MAY NOT be shaved but any non-copper head gasket may be used. Min CC test volume to be determined. Pull start, electric start, or handhelds may be used on any engine package at drivers preference.

      For those of you not familiar with the SIMA track and Italkart USA , it’s located in SUMAS, Washington state just minutes from the Canadian border. The multi-turn track is nearly 3/4 mile of smooth asphalt. On site is a fully stocked kart shop with a Dyno, and a Café with hot food and drinks. Come play with us next year, starting with the winter series in early 2014!










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