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    Rod Hawkins

    I just wanted to say how fun it has been over the past few races since I started racing the F100 series. Not only are the racers extremely competitive and fast, but they are super friendly and helpful.

    Last race I had 2 competitors give (I offered to purchase, but they refused) a rear sprocket and a steering wheel tilt adapter. Not only that, but many of them are helpful regarding setting up karts, and providing technical advice. Also, everyone is extremely friendly and there is a lot of compradore and having fun times. I didn’t realize how different this was until observing what goes on elsewhere. They preach good clean racing instead of taking people out of every turn. They put an emphasis on true racing techniques instead of bullying others around a track. And the best thing of all, at the end of the day they want people giving each other high fives instead of dirty looks.

    Anyone that is thinking about getting into karting in the SoCalif area, f100 is a great place to start. I feel lucky to be get to be a part of the series and the guys behind it.

    Not many places that a middle aged guy can relive the days when we used to travel to different cities racing national BMX events and hang out with family and friends and compete and just have a ton of fun.

    Thanks Stu, Sebastian and others for such a fun club!! Hope my health is ready for the final round of action in Nov. We should be bringing out another brother and our cousin once again.

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    Sebastian Bacon


    Thank you for the kind words! Glad you had fun at Round #6 and I hope that you are healed in time for Round #7.

    F100 had some excellent racing on track at Round #6, and we look forward to more of the same at Round #7, the final round of 2013 to be held on November 30th at Grange.

    F100 has classes for drivers of all ages, and we are looking to grow our Junior and Cadet divisions heading into 2014, to go along with our already well populated Senior classes.

    If you would like to learn more about F100 please head to F100karters.com.

    See you at the track,


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