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      Nick Clark

      We’ve almost been operating for 3 years at Capital Karts and have long debated the use of the Blue Flag. For those that don’t know, a blue flag is shown to slower drivers to indicate them to move off the racing line for faster drivers to overtake.

      In F1 the blue flag is compulsory but in karting it isn’t.

      What do you guys think?

      We assume faster, more experienced drivers would want the blue flag to be used but what about the customers who are there just to have fun? Would this disrupt their experience…

      Also, what should happen if someone is to ignore the flag? Should they get a penalty, though strictly speaking it isn’t compulsory.

      We’re asking around a few forums and would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the matter.

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      Stu Hayner

      “For those that don’t know, a blue flag is shown to slower drivers to indicate them to move off the racing line for faster drivers to overtake”

      IMHO, if this is why you would want to use the blue flag – don’t use it.

      A slower driver should always stay on his line, but beware of faster drivers approaching, and allow those faster drivers to pass cleanly without putting up a fight. That driver should point the direction (off the racing line) they would like to be passed on.

      To me, the only time a driver should move “off line” is when there’s a mechanical problem and he’s waiving his hand like his life depended on it ASAP.

      Again, JMHO

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      William Martin

      “JMHO”? Really just good common sense…unexpected moves are DANGEROUS.

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      Timothy Strawkas

      The blue flag is used to warn you of A faster coming racer, It is NOT to tell you to move out of the way. You hold your line at all times until being passed. You can point what side you want them to pass on but you still hold to as close A line as you can. A faster racer coming up on you has already been studying the lines your taking and shouldn’t have to worry “what if he goes wide”. It should be A natural and easy pass. Not over complicating it by any rouge moves. Just How I think it should be anyway.

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      Daniel Agee

      When I raced IKF a decade ago in Region 11, we would use the blue flag but it was used like a black flag. It the blue flag was waved at you, you pulled off the track. I didn’t like this at all as it reduced on track time for guys, who more often than not, had been caught up in a first lap incident and were trying to stay alive. Nowadays, with the 206, we often do longer races and use the blue flag, even at the club level. This works well as it’s more of a warning to a slower driver, “Don’t get caught off guard. Hold your line. Someone faster is coming. Don’t do anything out of the ordinary.”

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