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    David Cole

    Saw this article last night and it got me thinking if I’ve ever seen this happen before. Going to events for EKN since 2004, I don’t recall a driver stopping on track following the checkered flag and celebrating a win. Below is the video

    What are your thoughts on the situation?

    From what I recall, if a crew member enters the circuit, that driver could be removed from the event according to CIK rules. If you watch at the end of the race, a member along the fence line jumps over the tires to celebrate the win with the driver. Taking away the fact that he stopped on the track after the checkered flag, that rule could also be put in place.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    tony zambos

    The gut feeling is no.

    LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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    Greg Wright

    David, You’ve never seen celebratory donuts after a shifter kart race? No he should not be DQ’d racing is becoming too passionless as it is.


    Greg Wright

    Rapid Racing Inc.

    Greg Wright
    Rapid Racing Inc.
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    David Cole

    David, You’ve never seen celebratory donuts after a shifter kart race?

    Yes, donuts I’ve seen but never a driver stopping on track and celebrating to the max that he did. Don’t get me wrong, but I’d probably do the same thing if I won the SuperNats or at Daytona. Just wondering if anyone has seen something like this in America. I guess is that because the event is under the CIK-FIA sanction, they follow the rules to the ‘t’ there, thus why they laid down the penalty to him and the other driver who stopped.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Brian Wilson

    I have seen a driver do donuts after a shifter race……but, it was after a cool down lap, not 50′ after the finish line in a turn with the rest of the field still racing to cross the finish line. I think he should have done a cool down/victory lap first and let the rest of the field come through. I think any race director in the US would also take issue with a shifter driver doing donuts 50′ after the finish line while others were still racing to the line.

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    Michael Boone

    <div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>David Cole wrote:</div>
    . I guess is that because the event is under the CIK-FIA sanction, they follow the rules to the ‘t’ there,

    To all the people racing in the Rotax finals this year remember this statement.




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    Jimmy McNeil

    I seen a guy on a motorcycle win a race, stop after the start finish line to do a burn out, a guy hits him from behind and was killed.

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    Jim Derrig

    I competed in that race last year and the driver stopped at one of the worst possible spots on the track for a pile up.  Not only is it at the end of a straight, but the surface changes there to create some “interesting” braking issues.  I received a bent frame in one race as proof.

    Really sad that both the driver and the competitor that stopped to congratulate him were DQ’d after so much effort and success, but the move could not be tolerated.  I wonder if the drivers could have been given the option of paying a fine, however.

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    Taylor Jocelyn

    By rule yes,

    The reality  is, he did pull off track, the crew did not get clear over to the track, the checkers had been displayed. Was it too close to the finish line…yes… was it a danger to any other racer…no…based on what the video shows.

    The punishment seems harsh, CIK fines racers all of the time for things like this. It seems there was another way to punish the driver.

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    Rick Smith

    Agreed with the opinion that says he should have stayed on track, and celebrated after he was clear of the scales, mainly just for the safety aspect of it, but again, just my opinion. I also noticed another article on that site that mentioned a driver being DQ’d for failing a drug test…when did that start? Haha not saying i’m against it, it’s just news to me that even karting has taken to testing it’s drivers. Anyone heard or seen anything about that rule making it’s way to the US?

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    Walt Gifford

    Wow, he stopped in the worst possible spot. Why would you do something to put your actions under review?

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    Jim Russell, Jr

    It was in a dangerous spot. He was stopped just feet from the natural racing line. I felt compelled to turn in early to miss the two karts stopped there.

    I was racing to the line trying to get past another driver. If we had been side by side it could have ended ugly.

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    Roger Ruthhart

    The celebration doesn’t bother me, although he picked a horribly unsafe place to do it. But I agree with Gary — I’m bothered by the contact with the crew member from behind the tires. What if he ran the race 5 lbs. light and the guy slipped him weight. We keep crews separate until they clear the scales for a reason. I wouldn’t DQ him for the celebration, but I would sure encourage a discussion about doing so regarding the guy over the wall.

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    James McMahon

    There are rules that clearly state that this kind of behavior is frowned upon. But, I don’t think the punishment fits the crime, way too heavy handed.



    ..Second thought, he did stop pretty damn close to the track there. 20-30ft into the grass wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

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    Michael Boone

    Yes Yes Yes !

    He is French and The rule has been on the books a long time!! He knew it!

    I would have done the same thing!

    He put him self and the crew member and the rest of the field in danger! SAFETY FIRST!




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    Gary Lawson

    If it’s in the rules I think he should be disqualified. I thought it was definitely way over the top. Celebrate all you want as soon as you get off the scales. For all I know the guy could have slipped some weight into his pocket. Not to mention how unsafe it is to stop on the racing surface. On that topic, I think their should have been a penalty at the pan am race at NOLA for the antics that went on with drivers in sr. max stopping on the track and playing games during the last timed practice. I found it humorous when it happened but it definitely wasn’t very safe.

    Anyway, back to the celebration thing. It’s bad enough that their have been people that wrecked or swerved after celebrating when they win. Eventually it may turn into the NFL where they celebrate now after every tackle or catch instead of only during a touchdown. Next time I may a pass for 10th I’m going to give a fist pump to the crowd as I go by….A little exaggerated but if you went back to 1980 and showed an NFL player all the celebrating now they wouldn’t believe what they see. It’s embarrassing. Even kids at jr. high school games celebrate like that because it’s all they see on tv anymore. I guess I’m just old school. I only pose for David Cole. Lol

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    Paul Kish

    The race isn’t over until he clears the scales.


    Allowing the driver to stop before the scales allows for the possibility of drivers running light and passing weight to the driver after the race.  The third place kart which stopped could have been a team mate stopping to pass weight to the driver.  It’s a good rule.

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    Tim Blaney

    <div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Rick Smith wrote:</div>
    I also noticed another article on that site that mentioned a driver being DQ’d for failing a drug test…when did that start? Haha not saying i’m against it, it’s just news to me that even karting has taken to testing it’s drivers. Anyone heard or seen anything about that rule making it’s way to the US?

    <hr />

    The CIK, through the FIA, is a member of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and therefore has to follow it’s codes.  As I recall, the CIK only does doping controls at the major races – World Cup, World Chmapionships, etc. I suppose they might do testing at the Rotax World event at NOLA but other than that, there are no races in the US with a high enough profile to warrent the expense on doping control.

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    Michael Boone

    This race is not an  international race  that is run under FIA/CIK international rules it is a FFSA national race with an option for international pilots. So it is run under FFSA rules .

    He made an unsafe stop on the track with out raising his hand to let the drivers know he was stopping!

    He left his kart on the track and walked away!

    He had contacted with someone outside of park fermé

    His crew member entered on the track ( He crossed over the wall that separates people from the track. He was not on the track surface but the barrier is still considered the track. The pilot is responsible for everything his crew does)

    He reentered the track without looking or signaling he was entering the track.

    This pilot has many years of racing under his belt ! it was not his first race he could not claim ignorance.

    If we as race Directors let things like this go it will get worst. Give an inch they take a mile! everyone will think they can stop and celebrate on the track.

    We run a very tight schedule here if there are karts to pickup on the track the truck can not enter on to the track till all kart have left the track and we can’t release  the next race till the pickup car has left the track. Here if the race goes over the scheduled finish time the track will be fined by the city.

    My main concern is the safety of EVERY driver that is on the track and that the rules are followed and handed out equally to all.  I don’t see everything but I do see more than most people think I give chances when they are merited and drop the hammer when it’s deserved.

    I was not at this race but had the opportunity to talk with one of the Co race directors(3) at this race and I know the lead race director of this race. This was talked about between all of them before the decision was made to DQ him.

    What would you all be saying if someone had run in to his kart and got hurt?????? The officials didn’t do enough!!

    I’m sorry this happened ! But not sorry for the results of it!

    Salut! Michael

    FFSA National Race Director



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