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      Stephan Perlmutter

      A lot of these motors are still around wouldn’t it make it more even of a playing field if you were given 10 to 15 lbs less max weight?  This might allow them to stay competitive a while longer.  It might allow for larger fields at some events.



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      TJ Koyen

      A weight break compared to what?

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      Daryle Redlin

      The short answer is ” yes”. The Leopard has typically been run at 355lbs and at that weight compared to an x30 is competitive, just. Once you raise the weight to 365 the engine suffers and is no longer competitive. The 2014 supernats proved the point perfectly as you had the best drivers under the same conditions and the leopard was able to compete. Once the weight was changed to 365 the engine cannot. We tried for a couple of sessions in Phoenix this year and it was a lost cause. Its too bad really as the Leopard is a good engine if properly tuned and maintained.

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      Stephan Perlmutter

      In races with the Rotax we are even seeing the Leopard struggle.   I think if the bodies would help with the weight rule it would keep the motor compeitive awhile longer.


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      Larry Hayashigawa

      The problem with variety of engines is they all have different power curves.   The Leopard is really good when the track is point and squirt, like the Super Nats tracks.  The Rotax is quick when the track is mid range like Phoenix or Tuscon and the Leopard not so quick.   My personal experience is with the Motori very fast around Calspeed Nuovo, all mid range but slow around the Super Nat point squirt tracks

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      Ian Bushey

      I think the engine definitely needs a weight break it just plane and simple makes less power. If you look at both WKA and SKUSA you’ll see in past seasons both X30 and Leopard were different weights and ran perfectly fine together. This year weights are the same for both in both series. At Go Pro Motorplex their club races its the same situation. With these facts I don’t think it is to ridiculous to say the changes were made so that people running leopards are effectively forced to buy the X30 even though the leopard is available. This way both series can eventually faze out the motor as a viable option and parallel with USPKS’s plans for 2016.

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