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    Jeremy Baldi

    I’m sure there are topics on this but was having trouble finding them.  What is the cheapest and easiest way to ship a shifter kart from CA to OH?  I have heard of grey hound but seller can’t get kart to station so I would have to pay someone else to get it to station and than also pay to ship engine separately since there is 100lbs limit.  Is there a cheap freight company that could just pick up kart and box of parts?

    Any help and info would be great.


    Jeremy Baldi

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    Morgan Schuler

    Start calling CA kart shops who are Pro Tour regulars and see if they’ll throw it in the trailer going to SummerNats at New Castle. Or:

    http://tagshippingsolutions.com/ — Dave Larson of CES/TAGUSA.



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    Jeremy Baldi

    I’ll see Dave at Grattan in a few weeks.  I’ll contact him.

    Jeremy Baldi

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    Jeremy, Morgan has a good point

    You may also wanna try Fastenal, I have shipped many karts with them, it only costs about $150 for the whole thing, including engine and your box of parts, as long as it fits inside your crate, or seat of the kart.

    They’ll drop it off at the nearest Fastenal store where your buyer lives.

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