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      Ed hodgson

      Hello. I finished mounting my shifter lever on my chassis. It is mounted between my steering uprights. The tab that the linkage bolts to, passes underneath the right side upright.

      When I have this tab pointing directly at the right side frame rail (90 deg. to it) I have about 1 1/4″ travel in either direction (forwards/backwards) before it contacts the upright or fuel tank.

      Is this travel enough to allow proper gear shifts? I know the height of the J-arm will affect this also; wanted to ask on here.

      Thanks again for any and all information!


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      Dave Holstein

      That sounds like more than enough travel, remember a shifter engine was originally designed To be shifted with a foot, it will vary slightly with different engines, and it’s a little different on up shift and down shift, but it should be ok with 1 1/4″ travel  at the shift linkage arm.

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      Ed hodgson

      Thanks for the reply!

      I’m pretty confident I’ll have the travel necessary to change gears, too.  First time building a shifter, I appreciate all the useful advice!



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