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    Bill Wright

    It’s disturbing that I feel the need to post this, but I’ve now received three emails asking me if this is true.

    Last year someone at the Supernats was telling anyone who would listen that FWT canceled the shifter classes. I didn’t respond then and it cost me. So now that it’s happening again I’m going to respond. It’s sad that someone feels the need to do this, but it’s being done for the second time!

    This is not true. FWT always has and always will offer shifter kart classes. FWT started as a shifter series, and I’m still a HUGE fan of shifter kart racing.

    Last year we had no shifter participation after the first rounds, and therefore none were racing. I later found out this rumor is why many didn’t register.

    I’m happy to report that even without the shifters the FWT Formula Kart Racing weekend grew 16% in 2013. TaG Cadet averaged 41 entries per event and both TaG Senior and Junior averaged high 20’s. I expect that growth to continue in 2014.

    But back to Shifter Karts.

    2014 FWT is offering four Shifter Kart classes during the Formula Kart Racing events, along with the normal TaG lineup, and a Briggs LO206 program.

    Shifter Classes offered are:

    Stock Moto / 385lb / 15 and up (Basically SKUSA S1-2)

    Junior Shifter / 340lb / 12-15 (Basically SKUSA S5)

    Open Shifter / KZ, Open Moto C & F / 385lb / 15 and up

    Masters Shifter / KZ, Open Moto C & F / 405lb / 30 and up

    All classes run MG Yellow 4.6/7.1

    OGP, Homestead Karting, International Racing USA and OKC have all committed to run the classes. I already have entries from the U.S, Canada and Brasil. I expect a solid turnout in each category.

    Discounted online registration is available now. If you register for all three event weekends before December 31 you get $100 off your entry costs.

    I am also offering 6-months-same-as-cash through the Pay Pal “Bill me Later” program, for those of you who are on a tight budget or would like to have some presents under the tree and still race without sweating how to do it.

    To register, or for detailed information about any FWT classes, see http://www.floridawintertour.com .

    Of course I am always available at info@formulakart.com


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