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    Kevin Mulch

    In the market for new tires.  I am not in any type of competition series or club races so I don’t really know where I can get the tires that are currently on my kart.  I have 11.5×7.1-6 in the rear and 10.5×4.6-6 in the front.  Both are Vega’s green compound.  I like the tires that I have already but they are starting to show their age and are starting to crack.  Any help would be great.  Thank you

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    J.C. Peterson

    What’s your location?

    I don’t know much about the Vegas, but I ran MG reds for several years as practice tires. They hold up amazingly well on a shifter and the grip level is still very good.

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    Matt Martin

    If you just want something to drive around on, get on the classifieds section here, or check ebay and buy a bunch of used/practice tires.


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    Andy Seesemann


    First off, you may want to fix your profile with your actual name, or the moderator may admonish you.

    You cannot use MG reds, and you probably won’t find any used tires on this site due to your rim size.  Based on the tire sizes you gave, you have 6 inch diameter rims, which are very rare.

    Vega is about the only manufacturer that makes a 6 inch tire any more.

    Contact TS Racing in Florida as they may be about the only ones that can help you.   http://www.tsracing.com




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    Matt Martin

    I missed the part about 6″ wheels…

    If you’re not racing you can get hoosiers which are close enough, too



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