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    Kevin Mulch

    I have two Phantom chassis that are dirt oval kart frames and I was curious if anybody has seen or heard about making those into shifters and what they might need to do so.  If its too much or not worth it, please let me know so my mind can steer clear of that option.  Thank you

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    Timothy Strawkas

    It is done often, just need A motor mount. Most will bypass the transmission for more power and use A regular 4cycle clutch on A jack shaft. Since you don’t shift on ovals. the 450s have some really trick bypass setups. If this is for A UAS setup, I think its A must for the HP free up. But we don’t have A UAS track close to confirm.

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    Matt Martin

    are you going road racing?  are you sticking to dirt ovals?


    if you’re road racing you’ll likely need a new chassis – most oval chassis are offset – asymmetrical.

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    Kevin Mulch

    It would be for road racing.  Oh, right, forgot about the offset design of those.  I’m not a huge fan of dirt kart racing.  Might be fun, but that is what my quad is for.  I have a shifter already but would be great to save on another chassis or roller if I already have one that would work.  But, I can see now it might not track right with a dirt especially oval chassis.

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      William Martin

      You would be BOSS on every left turn… :-)


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