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      I have an older Birel CR125cc shifter kart I bought used. In the straights I can throttle it as much as I want and no problems, but then I get into the corners the engine cuts out and sputters until I get going straight. Then it pulls hard again. It is currently in storage and I cannot remember what carb or fuel pump is in it.

      From what I can see it looks like there is only a feed line from the tank. There is only one fitting on the tank other than the vent.

      Fuel pump problems? Hose routing?

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      Robert Lawson


      If it has been sitting you may just need a float adjustment. You will have to check that often with a PWM/PWK.

      No guarantees but I’d look there before getting into pumps & line routing. Especially if it ran ok in the past the way it is.


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      Keith Buffo

      Floats would be my first guess too, but I’d start by inspecting the fuel line inside because it’s so easy to do. Flex the line a bit to see if there are any cracks. If it’s at all stiff, replace it. You may also want to look for any broken wires. Follow each one paying attention for cracks near connections and any rubs or pinches.

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      James McMahon

      Need more info on your setup… Your carb may not even have floats!

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      Walt Gifford

      If it happens instantly as soon as you enter a turn I would think carb. It would take a while for air bubbles to get up the line. Still good to change that line every now and then.

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      Matt Dixon

      If its not the carb or fuel line it could be the coil wires. Tape the to the coil so cornering loads dont cause a short


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      It’s the pickup line in your fuel tank. If you pull it out of the tank you will see it’s hard as a rock. Replace it with new fuel line. Replace it every year.

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