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      Robert Horvath

      Shifter Air Box / For the Unlimited Expert Shifter class

      At our local track here in Wi. We are required to run with an air box for noise abatement to please City Hall.

      Using a Conventional  Air Box for Like a TaG Kart air box  with the air intake nozzles facing forward …That works pretty well…..BUT  When you turn it a round backwards like on a Shifter….You are causing a suction at high speed …and actually making the Carb work very Hard to draw in enough  air to do the Job.

      So I’m converting my Air Box to a RAM AIR EFECTS box with two new air intake nozzles facing forward like on a Dragster for our testing next time out.

      See the photos below :

      Thanks Bob

      Oconomowoc Wi 53066 U.S.A


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      John Sullivan

      Great idea Rob.  Don’t know why nobody else has thought of this.  Basically 75% or more of the intake velocity seen by the ICC ram intake systems.  I’m interested in seeing the dyno numbers.  I just ordered a freeline 2 hole 30 mm airbox looking for some more “free” horsepower.  Right on brother!


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        Robert Horvath

        Thanks John

        I’ll keep you posted on the lap times and any engine improvement.



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      Jimmy McNeil

      What effect would creating positive pressure in your air box have on the carbs venturi?

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      Robert Horvath


      Not much different then any other TaG or ICC engine carb set up with a forward facing Air Box.

      One would just richen the carb a little to compensate for the added air flow and ajust by EGT.

      I like see temperatures of 1,000  to 1,200 degrees  at the end of the longest straight with the Honda engine

      I’m an Engine Tuner / Mecanic and have built a lot of of my own equipment which can be quicklly moved from machine to machine to asist in Dailing in an engine

      See my other posts like link :

      New Tillotson HM-1A Carb 42mm venturi


      Youtube links:

      Now adjust your Go Karts Carb.by remote control from the pits. Just like the formula 1 guys have done for years for both the high and low speed mixtures

      I’m not directly employed by Tillotson Racing of Kerry Ireland. But work very closely with them in developing new Go Kart Racing products.

      Here is a very short video clip of the large Tillotson HW-26 Carb. with the remote control servos in action—A small completely self contained unit inc. a six volt battery pack to power the servos and receiver

      with full wireless Telemetry feedback and logging in

      real time to the pits for all the engines vital info… EGT, CHT, RPM,

      coolant temperature, battery, GPS speed in MPH and both servos rotations angle

      in minutes plus or minus from neutral . you can use a Laptop or a small fully portable hand held dashboard for the read outs. The range will be one to two miles with a needle valve screw rotation angle of about 180 degrees each

      Tillotson has some these items in production already .

      Check out there Racing website or email me for more info.





      Bob Horvath

      2014 Road America at Elkhart Lake Wi. Seasons (Unlimited Expert class)  Go Kart Shifter Championship Won By # 92 Craig Hemmen on a 2014 Praga Dragon Kart  > Tuner / Mechanic Bob Horvath > Honda engine Mods by Eric Gorr of Forward Motion.



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      Mike D’Ambrogia

      I enjoy the fact that the GPS speed indicator graphic in the first photo above has the “flaps down” range setting shown along with Vne…

      /private pilot jokes = always funny

      how are you doing the remote wifi, radio based?

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      Robert Horvath


      We just used the wireless telemetry system today to “dial In” our new Tilly HM-1A carb .

      It does do the job very well.

      We just temporally used the wireless remote carb adjuster to get a base line with the Tilly.

      The only thing that does work not well is the GPS speed indicator.

      It seems that the Kart can out accelerate the processor speed of the chip contained in the units board before the true speed is shown to be correct.

      The wireless telemetry system is not wifi based. It uses  either 900 MHz, 200mW or

      2.4 GHz, 100mW transmitters with range of one to two miles depending the terrain and track interference

      The most import feature that we used is the Real Time EGT.

      That updates at a rate of 100 times per second.



      Bob H




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