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      Patrick Cecilian

      Hey Guys,

      This year I would like to incorporate using AIM’s race analysis into my program and I was wondering if anyone could share any of your data from your sessions so I can practice reading it… I am running stock moto, so a stock moto file would be preferred. Race Analysis comes with some samples, but nothing for shifters. Right now, I only have a Mychron 4 with H20, but strongly considering going all out with data. Any sharing appreciated and understand if you don’t want to.  I will be running in the NESKS just for info. Thanks !!

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      Randy McKee

      You may want to get a hold of Nick at http://firestonekartinfo.com

      He’s done quite a bit of data analysis and can probably help you out.  Check out these articles he did on the topic:



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      Matt Dixon

      Great choice the power of data is awesome. Start watching here




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      Patrick Cecilian

      Thanks guys! Nick Firestone newsletter is tremendous.

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