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      Wes Hudg

      I have heard SGM is no longer in business but I came across a website where it looks as though there are still dealers out there in the U.S.

      Where/are these motors any good?  Are parts still available for them?  Any shops do re-builds or can obtain parts for them?  Thanks.


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      Steen Carstensen
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      Chris Hegar

      Jason Hall out of Washington is a dealer.

      The older model we run do very well in road race against open mod Honda and other ICC models, no complaints here.

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      Jim Derrig

      PM me if you want Jason’s contact info.  The newer model SGM on his kart is a monster, and the prettiest ICC motor I’ve ever seen (if you’re into that kind of aesthetics)


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        Al Papitto

        I had two SL204’s They were rock solid engines.I sent my cranks to Russell Karting for rebuilds.

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