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    Wesley Legaspi

    My son has a Bell GP.2 youth helmet that we purchased last year.  At our local club race over the weekend, I was told that our helmet my not be valid to use as the rating was not in the list of safety ratings allowed.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Thanks.

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    TJ Koyen

    If it’s a youth version helmet, it has the Snell CMR rating. The club might be skeptical because it doesn’t carry an Snell SA rating, but that rating is reserved for adult helmets. The CMR rating came out several years ago in response to the growing market for youth-specific helmets.

    It shouldn’t be a problem at all, it should be legal. CMR helmets are legal (and mandatory some places for young drivers) and approved by the FIA/CIK.

    It sounds like your club tech staff just isn’t totally familiar with the rating. If they give you a hard time about it, I would argue it, as the helmet IS totally legal.

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    Marshall Martin

    There is a issue in both WKA and IKF Tech Manuals regarding the CMR2007 ruling.  They both list this helmet certification as no longer acceptable after 2016.  I have been in touch with WKA officials and also the chief engineer at Snell about this misconception.  The Snell engineer states the CMR2007 is still the current standard for youth helmets and there is no superceding regulation in the near future.  This issue should be cleared up in the next couple of months.  I am staying on top of this as one of my responsibilites with Target Distributing which we are a distrubutor for both Vega and Impact helmets.  As far as the 24.1 SFI rating there is a 24.1/2010 updated certification, as stated in the tech manuals but I am not familiar with this one so will not officially comment as to which is good or not.

    Wesley, your Son’s Bell GP2 is not a CMR2007 as this is the KC3 helmet by Bell.  But look for a date code inside the helmet, if it is within 5 years of manufacture date is should be recognized as current.

    Once more info is available I will try to post here, but if anyone has questions they can reach me at Target Distributing in South Bend, IN   800-348-5076

    Marshall Martin

    Marshall Martin

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    Wesley Legaspi

    Thanks guys.

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    Wesley Legaspi

    This is from the Rotax MAX Challenge Technical Regulation 2015 handbook:

    Full coverage (full face with shield) helmets designed for competitive motorsports use are mandatory, they must be in good condition and are subject to pre-technical inspection and must comply with one of the following: 

    • SA and M 2005, K 2005, CMS 2007 (Youth), CMR 2007 (Youth), M 2010, SA 2010 SFI Specifications: 24.1 (Youth), 31.2a, 41.2a, 24.1 / 2005 (Youth), 31.1 / 2005, 41.1 / 2005, 24.1 / 2010 (Youth), 31.1 / 2010, 41.1 / 2010 </span>
    • British Standards Institution Specifications: Helmets with BSI A-type and A/FR-type BS6658-85 certification manufactured within the past 10 years are approved. 


    At this point, I am assuming that our helmet is okay.  Thanks for the input guys!


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