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    Carter Thompson

    I know these can get pretty detailed and there are many ways to make this karts work and not work but i just wanted to confirm an idea before I go to the next race.

    My Kart is a CRG 08’rebel, CR125 Moto Mod ( formally James Neman’s old KM Kart) hence the flying pig heads for graphics.  So it has all the autocross good stuff on it.  I am running Hoosier 60A’s too.

    My observations. During a long sweeping 35+ mph corner I am getting passed due to my lack of corner speed. On the tighter corners (Autocross maneuvers) I almost run over people and usually run into the back of them during a race of open practice.

    I think I am binding up in the faster corner which I should loosen the Kart up. The Kart turns but slight over steer through corner. This tells me that it will turn only if I slip both tires in rear to make it rotate. If soften the chassis it should pick the inside wheel up then turn in better.

    Now the question:

    Remove rear torsion bar ( already set on soft)?

    Widen front wheel base ( one first narrow adjustment)?

    Eventually buy a different axle or wheel hubs. mine are T5 axle 50mm with 150mm hubs.


    Here is the video of me getting passed, I think it is lap 4 or something.  I won the race but I don’t like getting passed! haha!







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    Jason Vehige

    your setup about as stiff in the rear as possible… Perhaps a good autocross setup … Not ideal for a multi lap sprint where tires get heat…

    i would go medium … So toss the bar, medium hubs (the 150mm ones are HUGE) try around 95mm, medium axle (CRG M20 or similar)

    that at should free the Kart up in the sweepers but you will probably loose some grip coming off the tight corners.

    If you want to go super soft I think have a CRG s25 axle I could sell for you to bend :)   I have gone to Freeline Axles in the Gillard.

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    Joe Ricard

    Carter you should come down and check out NOLA Motorsports park.  real dedicated sprint kart track.

    Yep ICC can make more power but you really have to keep up on jetting.  Get is a tick wrong and the Hondas eat them up.   Get it right and whoa buddy hang on.

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    Jason Vehige

    Odd once I got my carb close (SGM ICC motor)  keeping it there has been pretty easy unless I get greedy and burn up a piston like I did at the Toledo Pro :)  pulled stronger than ever before for almost the whole event, failed on the last run :)

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    Alan Sheidler

    Glad to see you are figuring out what makes the kart work for what you are doing with it.

    And….  The guy who passed you appeared to blow up/stick the motor on the straight.  I was noticing how he appeared to have more power than you did, until it went bang.  Sometimes safer jetting wins the race.

    On another subject, Congratulations on your Nationals win, Carter.  Can you say that running the kart improved your performance as a driver in the SSM car?

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    Carter Thompson

    Thanks for the info Jason.  I will study up on Axles and might take you up on that deal.  I recently just finished the season here in TN and after softening up the kart I dropped my times by .6 sec on average.  I went to 130mm hubs ( had some  already) I also widened the track all around. I took the rear out about 1 inch and the front a 1/2″ . I was not brave enough to remove the rear bar jut yet. I will do some testing on that.

    I was able to stay on my competitions bumper the entire 15 lap race to pull off second and third in point for the season overall. . I just could not find a safe place to pass. freeing  up the kart did wonders for the sweepers.

    Now I just need to work on my engine so I can keep up with those ICC’s. we all have to weight 400#’s and my little cr125 has a hard time keeping up. :(




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