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    Eric Bertrand

    I currently have a shifter kart that is no longer going to be used as a shifter, I sold the old engine but still have the kart, I was thinking about using it for Senior Super Heavy in the local endure series with a Yamaha KT100. Anyone with endure experience have thoughts on this, is there any reason I should look for a different kart for road racing? should I leave the front brakes on if I go with the Yamaha or should I get different spindles and delete the front brakes? . Thanks.

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    John Crider

    Front brakes are always a good thing to have on a enduro kart. Some org.s require 2 master cylinders on separate calipers,I.E.  Front and Back. allot of the Tags and Yamaha Sit Ups use only the rear brakes with much success. IMO Your much better and safer with rear and front both. At least when You run something faster then a 4 stroke. Just be sure to check Your rule book and follow it all the way.


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    Eric Bertrand

    Thank You

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