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    Rick Brown

    1/2 set of Douglas LV Euro Wheels Excellent condition 25.00 Ea. spare, front and rear

    2 sets powder coated PINK Alum. Wheels. 1 wheel has a bent spot on the lip but hols air fine. Euro Pattern (Douglas) 75.00 for both sets

    IMAF Med. seat 1 set of holes used for approx 3-5 races 100.00

    Stallion  Med. Seat good shape 75.00 obo

    Sparco Kart Cover red/silver 50.00

    Tire Pry’r 5″ mounting too; 100.00

    Tire Mounting ring TS racing 25.00

    GP 25 mm RF spindle 100.00

    CRG chain Guard 20.00

    oil/fuel catch can 5.00

    1 CRG and 1 Swift 280mm Tie Rods used 5.00 each

    2 New Wild Kart 265mm Tie Rods 5.00 Each

    2 used CRG 260mm Tie rods 5.00 each

    50/80 mm CRG hubs 50.00

    Wild Kart 50/90mm Hubs EURO 40.00

    50mm Floating Sprocket Carrier 5.00

    50mm CRG Sprocket Carrier (needs 1 bolt repaired) 5.00

    New/unused Max Torque Briggs/Clone clutch 40.00

    Used Hillard Inferno Briggs/Clone clutch with Bully conversion 50.00

    15 deg Burris Briggs motor mount 25.00

    Briggs Breather kit (new) 20.00

    Mikuni Fuel pump 10.00

    50mm axle removal tool 20.00

    Chain Alignment tool (non Laser) 5.00

    World Formula Jet Kit 20.00

    World Formula RLV Canadian Silencer 50.00

    Can Send Pics of everything, PayPal only, Buyer pays Shipping

    Please text 978 204 7458 or email paraskoulakis@yahoo.com.



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    Rick Brown

    I don’t want to sound like a jerk but there are a lot of people inquiring about multiple things. I’m not going to be able to package up multiple items to get shipping estimates. if you want multiple things I’ll ship them via your preferred carrier and email you the invoice after the sale is completed.

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    Rick Brown

    Stu Hayner

    2 Sets of Douglas LV wheels, 219 Chain, Mychron, Transponder, Frame sliders, Chain Breaker.


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    Rick Brown

    there’s a hold on the sniper alignment tools until tomorrow for Stu as well


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    Rick Brown

    Ryan Oulette

    Stationary and crank up kart stands, Sniper chain alignment tool

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    Rick Brown

    Steve Gressel

    YLB’s, MG Rains, Douglas polished 180 rear wheels

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    Ed Chappee

    PM sent

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    Sarah Herrick

    PM sent

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    Rick Brown

    Ed please text/email


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    Rick Brown

    Keith Buffo

    Tie rod ends, T6 Axle, Ceramic Rotor

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    Rick Brown

    Rich Hemingway


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    Rick Brown

    Greg Jamie


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    Rick Brown

    List has been updated. anything on it is still available

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    Richard Gordon

    What size are the wheels?

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