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      Rod Hawkins

      I am needing a new seat for my new OTK chassis. I now run a Tillett T11 XL and I also have a T8 XL kicking around. These 2 seats fit dramatically different though. The T11 I need to add a little padding in the hip area and more padding in the waist/rib area. I have a fairly narrow waist given how wide my hips are.

      If I were to get an OTK seat, it looks like the sizing is also much different, but the Size 4 is the closest in size, but still a bit more narrow, especially more narrow in the waist/rib area. Before driving long distances to actually fit in one of these, does anyone that is familiar with these seats and Tillett have any comments or advice based on how they fit differently?


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      I had the same issue, same kind of body also

      I tried all the ones you mentioned, and an OTK #3 (too tight)

      Then I took my chances and ordered an OTK #4 And my butt, hips and lower thorso fit very well, the only issue is that the upper part of my body will need lots of extra padding to hold me fit and in place.

      I don’t think there are many options for my body shape, other than Ribtech Deep seat, but I don’t want one of those.

      Anyhow, that’s what I did and it worked for me. Good luck. Freddy.

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      Walt Gifford

      Getting the right seat is the biggest pain in karting. Go with loose bottom rather than loose top. You can always readjust your bottom on the straight but a loose top will hammer your ribs.


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      Rod Hawkins

      Thanks for the help guys, I go try on a size 4 OTK this week.

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      Rod Hawkins

      OK, was able to try a few out. The OTK4 is too small, especially at the hip area. I got in a Large T11T Tillett and it felt really good. Also tried an X-seat (which appears to be the same as an IPK or IMAF seat) in size 4, and it felt good, just a little more snug. I ended up purchasing a Tillett T11T LARGE from Stu at MDG Karting. I may have gotten the X-seat instead but it sounds like Tony Kart may have worked with Tillett on the T11T (or the other way around) and also my brother has the exact seat and chassis, so we want out equip as close to the same as possible, and adding a different seat just adds one more variable.

      Which means I have been running an XL with padding this whole time, when I probably should have been in a Large. Hopefully this shaves 2 seconds off my lap times ;)

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