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    Sebastian Sarmiento

    Hi Everyone,

    First off let me tell you that I really appreciate your input. I’ve learned a lot from this forum thanks to some of you.

    I’m looking to buy a neck protector and I’d like to get something that works well.

    My price range could go up to $300. I just would like to buy a good quality one once instead of many cheap ones.

    Please, I would like to know what you guys recommend based on your experiences.

    I know I keep asking a ton of questions here, but given that I don’t know anybody around here that has experience in karting I’m relying on this forum as my main source.

    I hope someday to be able to help others here as I’m being helped.

    Thanks again!.

    I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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    Brian Spek

    valhalla 360 are good, stay away from donuts in my opinion.  have not tried a leatt.

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    Donnie Leonard

    I have the 360 device and it’s awkward at first but once your in the kart racing its like its not even there.  I did have and accident skidding backwards at 65mph into hay bails and pillow barriers and can say it did it’s job when my head went back upon impact.  I walked away unharmed and did not have a sore neck or back at all.

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    Sebastian Sarmiento

    Thanks guys, I think I’ll be getting the 360 plus device. If I don’t get use to it, at least I won’t lose as much as if I buy the Leatt and don’t like it .

    Donnie thanks for sharing your experience with the 360. I’m glad you walked away unharmed and that tells a lot about the device.

    Thanks again!.


    I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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    Sean Ranchbari

    i got a leatt last year and its incredibly comfortable

    sizing is difficult to guess at but im very satisfied, fwiw

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    Tom Weiss

    I agree with Brian Spek, Valhalla 360 is a good product.

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