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      Matt Clark

      I’m about to seafoam my truck, and was wondering if anyone’s ever used it in their kart engine?  I’m currently running a rotax and also was wondering, if it’s suitable, what the best way to get it in the engine is?  Pour it in the carb? Let it get sucked in somehow (like I do on my truck through the brake booster line)?



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      Ted Hamilton

      The real question is what advantage you think it will have for the kart engine?  The only area I know that really gets deposits would be the piston crown, assuming you’re using real castor oil…  Otherwise, modern synthetics and blends burn pretty clean.  Auto engines see more mileage at less than optimum mixtures and build more deposits.  Seafoam was good for getting the EGR port and other sensors on my Blazer clean, but otherwise, never really thought to use it for a kart engine…  And I’d probably just pull the head and use a q-tip with it for cleaning carbon off piston.  Or a nylon brush in a drill…or a carbon scraper.

      But to answer your question, I’d just remove the airbox and drizzle it into the carb throat while running at a high idle….

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      I wouldn’t use it at all on 2 stroke engines, you’ll probably seize the top end before you finish cleaning the carbon deposits.

      If you really wanna clean it, just remove the head and soak it up with sea foam, use it as a solvent only with a brush, make sure nothing goes inside the crank case.

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      Walt Gifford

      With a sealed Rota$ you can’t pull the head. Usually on a two stroke if you need to clean the carbon you also need a top end rebuild.


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      I agree with Walt, If it’s got that much carbon built up it’s probably due for a top end

      I also think it’s really funny that he places a dollar sign instead of an “X” after  “Rota”  Lol.

      If you don’t wanna break the seal by removing the head, you could just remove the spark plug and install the sea foam through the spark plug hole, But it is still very scary to think that some of the sea foam fluid/solvent will go down the crank case and become fatal.


      I honestly wouldn’t do it.

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