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      James Barnes

      I got my kart scaled today, any suggestions on how to make this thing better. it looks awful lopsided to me.

      Total weight: 372.2

      RF 91.2

      LF 60.6

      RR 94.7

      LR 125.7

      Left 186.0 50.0%

      Front 152.0 40.9%

      RF/LR 216.6 58.2%

      Right 186.0 50.0%

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      Gary Lawson

      If camber is equal, front end washers and rear ride height are equal and all tire circumference are equal then the left front needs bend down probably a 1/4″. Also make sure air pressure was equal. To bend the kart you can use a short jackjack stand and place under right front. Have someone heavier than you stand on the right rear and step on the left front. Recheck scale. Jump harder until the front is even. Also make sure u had the wheel straight when you checked it. Not necessarily the wheel itself buy the pitman arm where the tie rods attach.

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        James Barnes

        I didn’t mean the chassis lopsided, just the numbers. Could the chassis being twisted cause my numbers to be off like this?

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      Gary Lawson

      If the things I mentioned are equal that’s exactly what im saying the chassis is definitely bent. What kind of kart.

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      Gary Lawson

      Ok. Haven’t worked on one personally but I did see one many years ago when they first came out. You can always have it placed on a chassis jig to confirm it is best like the scale numbers are telling you.

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      Isn’t a RoadRat Kart a Chinese manufactured chassis?

      If that is the case, the metal structure may have been compromised and will bend back again, or crack due to fatigue

      I could be wrong, but if this is the kart I am thinking of, they were selling by the truck load for cheap, and at some point there was some track support and promoting, but have not heard from them again.


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      TJ Koyen

      My money would be on the RoadRat not being totally straight coming from the factory.

      You’re right Freddy, those were the super cheap Chinese karts marketed towards clone/entry-level club racers looking for a budget kart.

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      Owner : Oktane Visual - www.oktanevisual.com

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      That’s what I was wondering, and I also think you’re right with the chassis not being accurate right out of the box.

      They almost look like a good kart, but unfortunately the chassis is not designed to twist and flex like the Top Quality brand names.

      Sorry, James, not trying to sound negative, but you may be fighting something that could be a bit frustrating

      You could try to fix it and make it drivable and fun, who knows? it may be a good handling kart after all, but know that it may not last, and  TJ  is right, it was designed to be affordable for a low budget and an entry level chassis.


      What engine package are you running, James?

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      James Barnes

      The roadrat we have came from Florida. And I am not offended at all, I knew this was an entry level kart but damn, I have rebuilt everything on this thing but reconfiguring the chassis..LOL This kart has been a learning experience there was little to no adjustment on the chassis had to add a few extras but it is working good now , “good” not where we want it, yet. We have got a Dover motor on it this year. My son has actually won a race with this kart, but like you guys say longengevity of the chassis is my concern as well, we definitely are not easy on it and I am surprised we haven’t had to weld it more, only once so far..knocks on wood!!

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      If the kart still kicks butt just drive the darn thing, and let it enjoy life some more

      And if the scaling is off, but not too bad, just try to compensate for it, and go kick some more butt

      I absolutely enjoy seeing a low budget kart kicking butt.

      In my book, if it’s not broken don’t fix it, if it works great, and handles awesome, and will do whatever you want it to do, then just drive it, don’t change anything.


      Sometimes my Son has issues with his kart, and after we find something that he’s happy with, we stick with it. I ask him if it made any difference? And he sais I LOVE IT, PLEASE DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING.

      So there you go. A kart could be out of whack and  maybe undriveable to me, but sometimes with his driving style he can make it drive like if that piece of junk is on traction control!!! Smooooth operator.

      So if he likes it, and he does very well with it, and gets good results?

      Then use it and abuse it till he’s ready for an upgrade. My 2 cents

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      James Barnes

      LOL!!! yeh we definitely are. We spend a lot of time together figuring out what to do with it and how it is handling, but truthfully I enjoy all the time we have learning new things together and having the quality time we get together doing it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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      Amen to that!!!!!

      That’s already a blessing in itself

      That is priceless, keep doing what you’re doing, and if the boy keeps doing well, then that’s awesome.

      And if he won once, he can do it again with your support and encouragement.


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