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      Mike Clark

      I have never scaled a kart but will soon. Main purpose is to locate the seat and weight of the driver to at least be in the ball park. I made some tools to hold the seat in place but have not tested them as I have been working alone and could not safely get the kart off of the stand onto the ground. The tools are wood and fairly light. From what I gather I should have everything setup as when driven. Driver in full gear, tire PSI and a baseline setup on. Scales should be level, kart aligned and steering centered. I am going so far as to have the oil in the gearbox. This may be overkill but I figure the more details that are correct the better the result.

      What should the fuel situation be? Full, Half  or near empty. My initial instinct is half to near empty as that would put the setup better at the latter part of a race or qualifying. We are not front runners at this point so I am thinking about what is overall better and not too much on race strategy.

      What are some thoughts on this? Any advice on pitfalls to be aware of? Is scaling a kart with a seat not fully installed a waste of time? Is using scales to locate seat a good or bad idea?  I will use CRG’s suggestions as a starting point.

      I want to at least begin to learn about scaling karts and look to a future with decreasing lap times. Scales are borrowed and not mine. I want to make sure I do it right and not tie up the scales with unnecessary waste of time.

      Two cans of worms have the lid off being new to scaling  karts and this is the first time I am mounting a seat. I have assisted with scaling cars a long time ago but is was limited. Main thing I took away was ride height was what adjusted corner weight on a car that was already developed. We didn’t get into moving components around!

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      Mike Clark


      I never thought about just putting weight on the tank.

      Thanks for always being helpful

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      TJ Koyen

      The factory seat placement guide is designed to help you place the seat where the weight will be optimal. Starting with their measurements and tweaking from there is your best bet.

      It’s a good idea to do as you are and get the driver suited up with helmet and everything to get the most accurate readings too, as you’re planning on doing.

      We usually throw a little 5 pound weight on top of the fuel tank to simulate fuel. It shouldn’t really change your front/rear % because it’s so central on the kart.

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