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      Bryan Williams

      In my class we run bridgestone ylc’s. Does anyone have any tips on helping them last longer so they can stay good for 2-3 races. I  know the best would be fresh every race but the last race between the 2 heats and main was only 28 laps. I’ve herd wd-40 or even simple green sprayed on and wrapped tight with saranwrap.  Anything else? Thanks.

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      TJ Koyen

      First off, adding any chemical to the tire to make it last longer would be considered tire prepping and therefore probably illegal to the rules of whatever organization you’re running with.

      Secondly, if you soak your tires in WD-40, please bring a camera with you the next time you run them.

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      james kent

      Yes please post vid of wd-40 tires ..whoever you heard that bit of advice from shouldnt be allowed near your kart or any kart for that matter

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      Bryan Williams

      The simple green idea I read on another forum concerning full size race tires so I assumed that would translate to kart tires as well. I do deflate them and store in my garage.

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      First, I agree that you need to check the rules of your organization to see if prep is or is not allowed. If it is not allowed, I would suggest cleaning them off well, saran wrapping them, deflating them, and keeping them in a climate controlled area. Beyond that, I don’t know if there is much you can do besides not running too much air pressure on the track and getting the kart handling well (A kart with a bad push will burn the fronts off in no time…don’t ask me how I know). I have found with Bridgestones, it is not the amount of wear, but the number of heat cycles that causes drops in time.

      If prep is allowed, there are a whole world of options. I will not pretend to know what does work and doesn’t work, but there are options to soften up older tires. Check your local dirt track kart shop and see what they recommend.


      You guys should go to a dirt track some Saturday night and see what goes on there. WD40 is not unheard of and is pretty tame compared to some things I have seen those guys put on their tires…

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      Hey, Guys

      The track Bryan is referring to is an extremely tight, difficult, sprint track, with almost no room for relaxation, and the only straight away is not really straight

      And to top it off there are a couple of very aggressive left handed corners followed by a big double sweeper, with some elevation and a hairpin that comes down the hill just like the Cork Screw ( very technical track )

      I’ve had the pleasure of driving our shifter karts there in the past, and I tell you, what a work out it is.

      We currently run there in a different class now, and if I can get 4 races out of a new tire set, I’d be very lucky ( MASSIVE TIRE WEAR ) Even if you had the perfect kart set up.

      So, if some of you are getting 7 races per set, then that’s awesome! As I know it can get very expensive.

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      Walt Gifford

      Turn the tires around on the rims between races and switch them left to right during the race day.

      If you want to “prep” a tire don’t mess around with a bunch of weird crap. Use Trac Tac blue tire wash to clean then Trac Tac SST to soften couple of days before the race.


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      Daniel White

      2-3 race days is worrisome.

      I bought my used kart (Oct 2012) with lightly used YLCs and I used them for an additional 7 race / practice days. They were still giving good lap times (front row starts) when I decided to change them. It was our club’s big annual night race and I was looking for an edge–there was no real need to change them because my lap times had been the same.

      When I switched to that new set (June 2013) I wasn’t any quicker. I set my personal best on that same set in October–6-7 races / practices later, and was within a tenth of my best on a cool December practice day. I used them for a practice day in February (at another track). In fact, that set is still on my kart, and I plan to practice with them in a couple of weeks.

      My experience suggests that the tire is durable. I keep them in a climate controlled environment when I get home and deflate them when not in use–that’s it.

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