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      marc zartarian

      Just heard Gary Hartman passed away.

      Gary was a phenomenal Individual.  He was born the son of John Hartman June 10 1944.  John was a pioneer of Karting and so was Gary. Together they were a feared and unbeatable team.  Gary  was an incredible driver and also extreemly knowledged in engine tuning and exhaust technology.  Designing, Importing and distruibuting (TKM engines).  Manufacturing and distributing the GH pipe brand. (Infamous Blimp pipe). To say the least Gary was ahead of his time. Very creative and intelligent!

      Gary was a Veteran and served our country proudly. He was shot and wounded Nov 21st 1967.  50 years ago 2017.  He received the Purple Heart.

      Gary worked with me for several summers in the  1990’s. What a wealth of knowledge and information. Very passionalte as he shared stories of tuning,  stratagies and racing. He also helped generations of racers.

      You either loved Gary or hated him as he was fearless. He said it the way he felt it was.  But no matter what you always respected him.

      It is so sad to hear of his passing and he will truly, truly be missed.

      R.I.P. My Friend R.I.P :-)



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