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      Kerry Matthews

      Got to see the new Ron Howard movie ‘Rush’ tonight.  Two thumbs up!  If you’re a racing fan you must see this movie!  It’s got a great story line about James Hunt & Niki Lauda, and the rivalry between them at a time when F1 racing was a death defying sport to participate in.  The racing is captured brilliantly by Ron Howard, who just nailed it perfectly!  Any racer will get goosebumps watching some of the pre race and race scenes.  I went to see it with a fellow karter who’s BIG into F1, and we were both pleasantly surprised!  A must see!  It opens September 27th nationwide.



      This movie is rated R and contains nudity, swearing and scenes with ‘partying’, (It takes place in the 70’s) so if you have younger viewers, be warned!

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      Kerry Matthews

      Charles, I have the ‘Senna’ DVD also.  While it’s a good documentary, it’s NOWHERE near as entertaining as ‘Rush’!  Two completely different animals.   I remember watching the Monaco GP 2 years ago, and Ron Howard was on the grid, doing an interview in which he stated: “I’m here to take this all in.  I want to be able to bring “This” (motioning, showing the entire race experience) to the screen!”  He succeeded.  This is no Joe Tanto driving Champ Cars through city streets c/o CGI.  The cinematic ‘effects’ are making the movie resemble ’70’s movie clips of F1 racing, so that you can’t tell if it’s file footage or stuff they filmed for the movie.


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      Paul Hir

      I just saw the movie last night and I really enjoyed it.  I am a die hard F1 fan, and think that the movie would appease any audience.  I did read in autoweek that they almost choose Jackie Stewarts story, which I hope that one day they make.

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      Charles Skowron

      Since it’s just been released in theaters in the U.K. some reviews have come in from there (along with a few early ones in the U.S.), and so far, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

      As of now (Sept. 14), the Rotten Tomatoes rating is at an astonishing 97% “fresh”.  There are still, of course, a lot of people (and critics) yet to see it. But this bodes well that we won’t see a dud.

      BUT, then again, I clearly remember the reviews being just as positive when the Senna documentary was released two years ago. I bought in to all the praise and expected much of the same from my view as I headed to the theater.

      And when it was over, I came out of it pretty underwhelmed. So this time, I’m holding judgment and keeping pretty reserved until I actually see the film myself.




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