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      Andrew Schmitt

      I’m wanting to get back into running my road runner/yamaha kart. I currently race the 125 shifter class, and I would like to run my old yamaha as well. I have a few questions though as it has been 5 years since I last drove it. For one, what size nose should I run? it currently has a 40″ stallion on it and I’d like to bring that setup in, the side panels wheels and all that have many adjustments, but should I order a 36″ or a 38″ nose?(gonna go with a new concept design if I can find one) Also what size and compound tires should I be running? I’m going to be running the pipe class, which brings me to my last question. The rules state “any fixed wka approved pipe” I have a lot of pipes laying around and I’m just wondering what is the best/legal for the yamaha sprint class. Any help is very much appreciated.

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      David Cole

      Nose piece, depends on how narrow you want to run the front width. If you can get your tires to be under 38″ from outside to outside, then look into getting a new nose piece. If not, stick with the 40″.

      Not sure on the pipe, but it depends on the engine and gearing you are utilizing. Something that is for top end is better, depends on what you have.

      Tires are open, and depends on what you prefer. Some use the 5″ wheels, some use 6″. Hoosier seems to be among the popular brands now.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Daniel Justice

      I run the class with a sprinter so I can help. I run a 40′ NCD nose, and my front wheels are just barely tucked in so it all depends on how narrow you are.  For the pipe, the RLV L4 is what I run and just about everyone else will be too in Yamaha, so that’s the good choice. You may want the L3 if the track has less straightaway though. And for tires, you have all sorts of options. My choice is a little unorthodox, as I run MG Yellows with their 6′ tire in the rear. It’s done me well so far, so that’s an option.

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      Andrew Schmitt

      I was able to bring the setup in to 38″, thank you for all the help so far. I found a slew of L4 pipes and a few L3 pipes as well as some others. When I ran can, I ran 5″ wide hoosiers on all 4 corners with a 6″ diameter rim. Id like to know if I can keep this setup or should I jump up to 5.5″ wides on the rear? And I planned on running a harder tire, like a dunlop ddm or somewhere around there, I like to have straight away speed, even though it will be a handful in the corners with a narrow setup and a harder tire like that. Again can’t thank everyone enough for the advice

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      Eric Stockford

      WKA sprint is where the karts are. The yamaha class usually only has a few entries. You need to weight 360 for WKA Sprint with the yamaha.

      Dunlop SL4 when you can get them, 550 on rear and 450 on front.  L4 is a good place to start, at 7.50 inches. Clutch will be 10,8 plus.

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      Bruce Peck

      38″ is good.  36″ is a better goal using the 36.5″ New Concept nose if you can find one.  L-4 and/or L-3 as others have stated is the best place to start for pipe.  I highly recommend the Hoosiers in the R60 compound and the 4.5/10.5-6 size on all four corners.  That tire set up is what won the WKA sprint class on day 2 at Daytona last month (he wasn’t running Yamaha though).   You don’t really need the wider tire on the rear unless your chassis is just really hard on tires.

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