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      marc walsh

      Does anyone have any reviews on this BIG block?

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      marc walsh

      Its either this or a

      TRX450 Engine

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      TJ Koyen

      No reviews but it’s a big and heavy engine. I remember the ad saying the kart weighs something like 215 pounds dry with no ballast.

      If you’re looking for a fun trackday engine, the Aixro Wankel might be a better bang for your buck.

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      The Rubig Mega engine is the most powerful production kart engine available. It weighs 57 lbs and mounted on a 32mm shifter chassis total weight on my kart is 210 lbs. I have a Aixro too and it is no match for the Rubig, not even close. With 65hp and 54 ft lbs of torque this engine has the track record on every track it has raced on. The power this engine has is simply amazing, there is nothing to compare it to. If you would like an opportunity to drive one my kart is available for a test ride at my track in Colorado IMI Motorsports Complex. Call me 303-833-4949

      Brad Linkus

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      James McMahon

      Does the TRX450 have a balance shaft? If not it’s going to SUCK in a kart. MEGA has a balance shaft which I guess makes such a big displacement motor more palatable for a kart. I’ve seen a couple of onboard from the MEGA and its seriously quick, arguably too quick!

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      Review from European driver Nico Verdonk:

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      Greg Welch

      I drove the Rubig up at IMI, and within about 5 laps was over 2 seconds per lap quicker than my stock honda.  If your looking to have the fastest kart bar none, get the Rubig.

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      Curtis Cooksey

      That looks like fun! We have built some CRF 450X’s with 54 horsepower and 5 speed transmissions. They are very fun to drive and with a battery and electric starter are only about 20lbs. heavier than a stock Honda 125cc 2-stroke.

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      Brian Degulis

      Brad do you maintain an inventory of parts for these engines?


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      Richard Stokes

      If you are a road course kart driver, you do not want this motor.  I melted the clutch in just a few laps.  I was told a new after market clutch was on its way. Been a month.

      Also the motor mount system does not work on CRG frames as claimed. I had to build my own.

      I received email from factory tech telling me it was my fault the clutch melted and that the new one will as well if I “do not respect the motor”. “I am using a motor intended for sprint tracks and gearing for speed will only melt the clutch easier”.

      So with little or no parts available in country; lack of gearing for road tracks, and the need to baby the motor on wall start or standing start races, this is not a good choice for road track racing.

      No reflection on Brad or engines4racing as they seem to be lacking in the true (1.5 to 3 mile) road racing experience.

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      nigel cooper

      wow,that engine has been my dream engine since it came out.I just cant afford it.($6000 US I think)I figured it would be bulletproof.Just a simple 2 stroke engine with no gears,just a couple of counterbalance shafts.Nothing new-just plain old fashioned big displacement.

      Any chance you can run it direct drive and bypass the clutch issues that you have been having?You could save a little weight by getting rid of the starter and battery but you would need a push start.

      If it wasnt for the clutch and the difficulty in getting your gears,which it sounds like you did eventually get overseas,would you be real happy with it?

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