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      SOLD!!!2008 Birel M31 kart with SRS Stock Honda Package

      Still for Sale:  


      VP 54 gallon drum of MS-98L fuel for sale:  At least 34 gallons left.

      Double kart stand with a removable table top $150

      ———————— ——————————–

      Video of Kart on Track(bad sound):

      Pictures of Kart:



      Ready to Race Package includes:

      2008 Birel M31-S3 chassis

      New brake pads/rotors and master cylinders.

      SRS Stock Honda Engine with less than 10 hours of run time on complete maintenance build by John Sefcik – new piston, ring, crank w/slip fit bearings, all new bearings, etc. Very good, fast, and dependable motor.

      Pump around carb system with Mikuni Dual pump(for senior classes).
      SRS reed package with stock intake manifold
      Mychron 4
      RLV R4 pipe
      O-ring exhaust manifold
      RLV silencer
      Aluminos engine mount
      Champion medium radiator
      Transponder with charger and mount

      Spares: (included w/ kart)
      Spare chain
      14t, 15t, 16t, 17t pinion gears
      24t 25t 26t axle gears
      8 douglas magnesium wheels
      Acceleration Karting spare nuts, bolts, brackets, etc. kit
      Fuel pump rebuild kits
      Spares (continued):
      5 gallon fuel can
      At least 1 bottle of every fluid needed (brake, engine oil, radiator etc.)
      Chain lube and bearing lube
      Collapsible kart stand
      1 set of rain tires
      couple sets of used tires
      Comes with lots of other spares…too many to list.

      Complete kart ready to race – $3850
      I will not split the motor from the chassis


      Medium Bell Karting suit (Red, Black, White)
      Ribtech 3 Rib Protector
      360 plus race device neck brace

      VP 54 gallon drum of MS-98L fuel for sale:
      At least 34 gallons left.

      Double kart stand with a removable table top $150

      If you would like to see pics please email or text me an I will send them to you. If you are buying the kart I will give you a break on the extras.

      The kart is located in San Angelo, TX. Shipping can be arranged if necessary, but I would rather have it picked up and it would probably be cheaper anyway. Delivery can be discussed.

      Contact Info
      Joe Smith


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      Uploaded Pics and a video

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