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      Eric Alexander

      I’m really surprised no one has started a thread yet.  I suppose most are like me and just waiting to see how all this turns out in 2015.  Still, it would be nice to hear fellow Rotaxian’s thoughts.

      I currently own four motors – three seniors and one junior.  The update kits seem reasonably priced IMO, so I’ll definitely take the opportunity to purchase one kit for each motor.  Beyond that – and before I break open any boxes – I’ll be watching to see how well updated-to-Evo motors do alongside 2015 out-of-the-box Evos.  I figure if the updated motors are competitive, then I can jettison the older parts (carbs, harnesses, RAVE valves, coils, etc) to the used market and recoup 60-70%-ish of the cost to update.  But if an updated-to-Evo motor is not as fast, maybe the way to minimize expense is to jettison the older motors (un-updated), buy a few new motors, then wait and sell the new components from the update kits at a profit as the mid-season hits this summer (after-all, most outfits are going to have to re-inventory their spares boxes with the new bits).

      I don’t see any reason why older updated engines shouldn’t be competitive with 2015 motors – so long as the motor is currently competitive.  After applying the update kit and a rebuild, you should have all the new bits sans, crank and connecting rod.


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      Curtis Cooksey

      Looks like a great plan to me Eric.

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      Christian Fox

      Hi Eric, there is a thread in the general discussion section:

      Rotax max new Upgreads 2015?

      I have been surprised by the somewhat muted reaction to all of this. I guess it centers on the uncertainty of the performance of upgraded engines vs. new evos. Until we all see, there isn’t a whole lot to talk about, I guess. I have three motors and will be upgrading all of them, but I don’t see much hope for good re-sale value for the old parts. It seems pretty clear that a non-upgraded max will not be competitive with an evo, so I don’t know how many guys will wants the old parts.

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      Brett Clatt

      The upgrades to the older rotax motors should keep them competitive…. If not you’ll probably see a lot of $300 motors on the market!

      I’ll be upgrading to EVO parts for my son’s Junior, but I’m not optimistic that the old parts will have any value at all, except for the hobby market. The outdated parts are just that, old. Come mid 2015 I would expect used, non-updated rotax motors to be much cheaper. IMO

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      Eric Alexander

      I posted in that thread.  But when the thread stopped, I thought I’d start one in the proper Rotax forum to gauge what other Rotax drivers were thinking as this moves forward.

      Like you mentioned, I too am surprised by the lack of posts.  A lot of the 2015 rules packages and schedules are starting to appear and looks as if many are side-stepping the new Evo engines to see how things turn out – which doesn’t bode well for Rotax in 2015 IMO.  My local track is getting behind the X-30 after being a big Rotax supporter (which isn’t surprising considering they’re spear-heading the IAME-East distribution).  Its just bad timing all around as far as Rotax is concerned and I guess that’s going to factor into where I eventually land.

      I wish I’d see more support from the karters, but honestly the lack of it is a bit disconcerting.  Seems the market is speaking – so to speak – and the ball is squarely in Rotax’s court to make this work. Like I said, I’ll be upgrading my motors.  But beyond that, I’m beginning to wonder if at the upgrade price points they’ve release, its still not enough to maintain market share in a what turns out to be pivotal year for brands and alliances.  Time will tell, but If I were Rotax (and MaxSpeed here in the States), I’d be watching, listening, and responding quickly over the next few months.

      I’d still like to hear other’s thoughts on this.

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      Matt Clark

      As a lowly club racer, I’m waiting to see what the people in my area are doing. I’m not opposed to buying the upgrades for my engine, but I also may be switching out to LO206, only time will tell.

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      Larry Hayashigawa

      Here’s a link to testing of the EVO package from Japan.


      Here’s the Google translation and if I’m understanding the translation, bottomeline is: At this time there is no difference between the EVO and the older package.

      On the same site, there are parts diagrams, etc of the EVO.

      ROTAX MAX EVO test results and future policy of your report in regard engine
      because the first EVO engine (Senior) arrived by extraction in random, Mizunami circuit, we tested in mid-Kyushu circuit.
      Thank deeply to everyone you cooperation.
      Sequentially, our plans to pay conduct also test / test drive in the other circuit.
      EVO engine, conventional engine, we compare the specifications that various combinations of conversion kit to a conventional engine.
      Differences related to the engine body was not at all performance difference, even taking into account the state of each of the engine.
      Notably, EVO engine hardness is not felt much immediately after break-in, I was able to experience one of the improvements.
      Carburetor, ignition, even in each mounting comparison the conversion kit of the exhaust valve to a conventional engine,
      but was not able to find a difference in lap times compared with conventional engine,
      if the new carburetor is mounted, improvement of pickup clearly observed, it will not require a delicate accelerator work.
      The lap time basis, to you, but there is a possibility that put out the time is more easily same.
      For the exhaust valve, since the opening and closing at predetermined rotational speed (7900rpm or 7600rpm) to digital,
      and the conventional exhaust valve which controls the analog opening and closing, the difference seems out but performance specific to differences in In the setting that it was not able to find.
      Although it is not a strict comparison because there is a difference that new and used also in relation to the muffler, the conclusion that either dominates It was a level that does not put out.
      The new muffler seems durable mounting method has been improved is improved. The RMC race of 2015 is based on the above test results, I will assume that the provision of the following such rules. * Senior class, in regard Masters class, EVO engine and conversion kit (harness, exhaust valve, muffler), but the use of I do as possible from the opening round, used in the new (XS) carburetor only race, April 1 of you as an admission from the race,
      there is a possibility to be before and after taking into account the supply situation, opinions of driver / entrant like from the ROTAX company. * Regard Junior class, we will as soon as possible to your report after the confirmation test test equipment arrives.

      You apologize for inconvenience, please, thank you. Ltd. glory Representative Director MatsuDo SakaeMakoto

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      Eric Alexander

      And the test data begins.  This is encouraging.  Good post Larry.  Thanks.

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      Brett Clatt

      Does anybody know when the EVO motors will be available for sale in the US?

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      Ambrose Buldo

      Does anyone when and how to order the Sr Max Evo Upgrade kit? I called my favorate authorized Rotax Dealer today and they told me parts are only offered at a discount through Rotax Direct. How would one go about placing the order and is there any indication of when it will ship?

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      Tommy Erlanson

      I talked to Max Speed today and they said they are still waiting on parts. There will be a new press release with instructions on how to order once they get enough parts in. Supposedly that will be by the end of next week.

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      Ambrose Buldo

      Thanks Tom…

      I’ll be on the lookout for the press release. It is a shame they don’t offer the parts through the dealers who we have relationships with that support us season in and season out. Maybe the margin is not there at the discounted price?

      Hopefully they will have some sort of automated web-e-comm ordering page that makes ordering on-line easy and takes standard forms of payment like Credit Cards or Paypal.

      Hope it will be warm enough for us to start hitting the track in the North East by Mid March.

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