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      Kevin Datuin

      Hello everyone,

      I’m Kevin from San Diego and 28 years old. My past includes 2 years as track manager at a local indoor kart track where I spent much of my off time burning tires and gas, 6 years autocrossing and rallycross with many championship wins under my belt. I’m looking to move into wheel-to-wheel competition and a class with a large field of strong drivers. I’m pondering TAG or other single speed class.

      Recently a kart was available to purchase through an old acquaintance. He tells me it was once a customers who didn’t settle his bill so it’s just taking up space. It was described as a Cosmic? from 2007, has a yamaha engine (I would replace with a TAG or rotax), and two autocross session at Qualcomm stadium. All for $1000! (seems too good to be true) I have yet to inspect the kart for wear otherwise I would try to post pictures. I haven’t been able to decipher what chassis are legal  in the class so I’m hesitant to give up my money for something I can’t use legally in which classes. Is there a limit to the age of the chassis?  Can anyone shed some light on the matter?






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      Walt Gifford

      What’s your budget? The thing about older karts is, parts for the brake system are hard or impossible to get so you might need to buy a new system. I would run the Yamaha first few times out in practice.


      FAA certified jet engine and aircraft technician,
      Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
      Yamaha KT100 Service Center,
      41 years karting experience

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      Gary Lawson

      Your budget will be consumed far too quickly in tag. Either a briggs or Yamaha would be a much better value for experience and track time. Get in touch with a local track owner to see what is offered and ask what kart shop you can get in touch with.

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      Rod Hawkins

      Run the Kosmic/otk with Yamaha in F100 series in SoCal. Great racing and not too expensive.

      Do a search for f100 series

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      Kevin Datuin

      I don’t have the biggest budget. Probably around 6-7k. I plan on doing partial season at first to get my feet wet. But I want need to get back out on track and doing so with the lowest cost to entry would be nice. I would like the chassis to stay relevant for a couple years (up to 3 years) so maybe buying someones 1 season old or practice chassis would be easier and more affordable in the long run



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