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      Samir Shah

      Can anyone comment on how the Mojo D2s are different from the D1s, and what setup changes need to be made for the D2s?

      To complicate matters, our local club series will continue to require D1s in Max Jr, while the Regional series will require D2.

      I found the D1s are totally different from the other tires we run with Leopards TAG – Bridgestone and MG Reds. While we are fast-ish with MG and Bridgestones, I find that the same setup, when run with D1s, does not get enough front grip, and we are thus miserably off the pace in Rotax, (unless it is raining). I was planning on moving the seat forward for Rotax to change the front-rear weight ratios for the D1s to test if this fixes things.

      Trying to decide if the D2s are more like the MG and Bridgestones, in which case I won’t need to readjust the weight balance of the kart.

      Thanks for sharing any experiences.



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