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      Jeff Salak

      Just wondering what happens to all the Rotax Grand Finals karts and engines? Will these be flooding the US market?

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      Charles Skowron

      I think they are split up amongst the various brand importers around the world to re-sell. If not that, maybe one or several importers make a bid for the karts and then sell them that way.

      I recall one chassis importer selling some Grand Finals karts a few years ago. Forgot which brand, and respective importer, that was.

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      Mike Maurini

      When I left yesterday, Haase had sold 16 or 18 of the karts they brought. They had to return home with 18 of them as they had a temporary import bound for that amount.

      As for the OK1, Energy, CRG, Sodi and Praga, I know some customers/drivers were purchasing karts at discounted prices while other packages were purchased by dealers and importers from around the world.

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      Mike Clark
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      Juan David Gomez

      DKC is reselling the Sodi Senior Packages for $5000.00 give Mike Jones a call


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