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      A few Questions:

      What should be the temp when I can fully engage the throttle (warming up)? I usually go for 105-110

      What temp should be the perfect operating for max performance? I try to keep temp in the mid 150’s

      What is the max temp before damage starts happening? My cap came loose last race and I actually hit 170 before I shut the engine down.

      I ran last weekend and the engine feels fine, so I don’t think I didn’t do any damage.

      What damage occurs with overheating? I am assuming it mostly would be in the top end? If damage occurred, would a top end rebuild put it back new again?

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      Eric Alexander

      min. coolant temperature [°C / ° F] 45 / 113

      Optimum coolant temperature [°C / ° F] 65 / 149

      max. coolant temperature [°C / ° F] 85 / 185

      I set my MyChron alarm to go off at 180° F.  Although that’s probably too high now that I think about it.


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      I wait until I get to 120 to run it hard. My Mychron goes off at 155, by the time I really notice it it is closer to 160. Even when running in over 100 degree heat the hottest I let my engine get was mid to low 160s. Still never had to stop before finishing a heat race.

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      John Savage

      CROSS wrote:
      Not going to lie, this new forum sucks!

      Let’s hope that it does not put anybody off using it because it is a fabulous resource for the karting community

      Jetting and Kart Set-up Software


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      To late for that. It is easy to see in how frequently people post here that participation on this new forum is down.

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