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      Can I clean and oil the filter with the same K&N cleaning oil I use on my cars filter? The K&N kit says for cloth filters but not sure if much difference for the foam rotax filter.

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      Clay Maddox

      I always used dish soap to clean the filter.  As far as oiling the foam filter, I never oiled it.  A 2-stroke engine spits enough pre-mix out of the carb onto the filter to “oil” the filter.

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      Scottie Melancon

      I agree with Clay.  Just use a liquid detergent  and just wring it out. It will swell until it fully dries. This is not something you want so do on race day because it can take a few hours  for the filter to completely dry.  Best to  attach it to the front of a fan to make sure all the moisture is removed.  Back flow from the carb will keep the filter lubricated.  Clean the filter often to maximize performance we do it after each race.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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