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      Joseph Cote

      hey guys. I just got my kart back from the local shop who did a seat install, and as I’m prepping my kart for this weekend, I found this random clear hose was just hanging off the engine. I’m not sure if it’s just supposed to be something like a breather hose, or if it’s there for a reason. I also found a random exposed nipple on a part that I assume is not supposed to be exposed. any help on identifying what this is, and if this is the correct setup?…

      pictures: http://imgur.com/a/mMVos

      thank you.

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      Eric Alexander

      That nipple on the E-RAVE solenoid isn’t supposed to have a vent tube on it.  So the tube doesn’t go there.  Its hard to help without knowing where that clear vent tube is coming from.  But if its from the oil cap, then its just an overflow vent and should vent into a small external container.

      On a side note, you seem to have the E-RAVE solenoid mounted directly to the bracket and that can cause an issue with the RAVE valve shutting prematurely due to vibration.  ROTAX now recommends that the solenoid be mounted using a rubber isolator to help with vibration affecting performance.

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