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      Rudy Bleakley Jr.

      Hi all, totally new to karting, I spent my first weekend at Oakland Valley this past weekend with my Rotax Evo senior, it has all the updates etc, but i ran into two weird issues and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts.

      After the three shortish practice sessions, the fourth the motor just quit, like it ran outa fuel, it restarted, but when i went to go again, it wouldnt go. Adjusted the level of the carb, checked everything, found nothing.  the next practice session, it ran fine till i dropped the chain hitting a curb too hard.

      Fixed that, went to run the pre final and the kart would not fire, blowing in the vent tube resulted in a bunch of gas vapors in my mouth, checked spark plug, it was dry, i could smell fuel and definitely had spark, ouch. Filters were clean, pump was pumping, carb was level etc etc. pre final ends, and as im starting to pack, i decide to try once more, vroooom is starts. Get home same night, starts again, next morning before i start taking it all apart to clean, starts again.  i just chalked it up to kharma telling me i was tired and no need to race anymore after 8 hours in the sun.

      Do these things vapor lock?? could it have been that??

      anyway, thanks for any and all responses in advance, i will do my best to give any info i can.

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      Rob Kozakowski

      Maybe battery?  Bad / loose connection between the terminals and wiring harness?  Or enough juice to start it and run without any load on the stand, but not on the track under load?  Are you charging it before and between sessions?

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        Rudy Bleakley Jr.

        Brand new battery, charged morning of, didnt recharge through the day.

        Thought about that when it stalled on track, but next session was perfect till the chain dropped.

        it still doesnt explain the no start though, thats what really has me confounded


        but i do appreciate the thoughts, and will have a charger next time fer sure, and keep the battery charged and peaked

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      Ed Chappee

      Stuck needle valve?

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