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      Keith Buffo

      Complete, bolt-on-ready Rotax FR125 engine package with 09 cylinder. It has three weekends on the top end, six on the bottom. This engine has been maintained and massaged to the nth degree to meet WKA road racing specs by CFMotorsports. It swept both 2013 WKA TaG national championships with ten wins, including three at its last event in September. That is exactly the engine you will get – directly off the kart and straight to you – a beast with all its “secrets” intact.

      This package includes many specialized installed and spare parts that would cost more than $1,800 to buy new:

      • New-style clutch with 1st generation shoes, the best for standing starts
        Used spare shoe/drum set (more new shoes available.)
      • Custom low-angle engine mount for 32mm chassis
      • Custom mount to relocate battery between feet on steering support
      • Shark Shifter starter support
      • 2 old-style air boxes (preferred for road racing)
      • Pipe with ProSpeed mount and one-event-old packing
      • 2 used 17t drivers
      • 2 used 16t drivers
      • 12.5 venturi (8.5 spare)
      • Heavy and light float sets
      • Complete set of 20 main jets w/ ProSpeed holder (145-185)
      • 8 inner/outer pilot jets of various sizes (30-60)
      • 6 needles (21, 22, 27, 98)
      • Spare used fuel pump with fresh kit installed
      • Nylon balancing gears installed (steel gear set as spares)
      • 2 piston/ring sets, cherry-picked to fit cylinder, used but usable
      • Rod kit, used but usable
      • 4 cylinder base gaskets of various sizes to fine-tune squish
      • 102-link RK blue o-ring chain, used but plenty of practice time left
      • Hegar belt drive components (needs driver mount to be complete)
        3 drivers (16t, 17t, 18t), 6 gears (68-74), 3 belts

      $2950 +Shipping
      Yup, that’s about 800 bucks more than a run-of-the-mill used Rotax. So if you’re looking for cheap, this ain’t it.

      However, this is a great deal if you’re a serious road racer looking for a purpose-built TaG engine with proven power that is bolt-on complete with a pile of valuable spares. You get the result of years of learning applied to hours of bench time by a 20+ year engine builder, as well as the peace of mind of buying from a reputable karter.

      I’m switching to shifter karts and could use the money, but this is one of the fastest Rotax engines in the country so I’d rather keep it than blow it out.


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