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    Brian Spek

    Can anyone verify if it is up to the track to allow pre-09 cylinders in a rotax class or are these older engines only for TAG now? Or is this rule just for a national event? Read conflicting info on the web. Thanks.

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    tony zambos


    the best choice would be to contact the organizer or tech inspector of the club or series you want to participate in.  Would like to say only for a national or Rmax series you would have to run the new cylinder along with steal gears, new clutch, new air box plus an 8.5 insert in the carb and the specified jets.  But I can’t.  Safest way is to check for yourself.

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    Jeff Salak

    Thats great info Robert.
    But every series may have there own take on the rules. Club racing 99% of the time wont require you to have all the updates.
    Plus most club series will say they follow Rotax rules. But the true fact is at club level they want entries and wont be anal cause you have an older cylinder and other non updated parts.
    Tony has it right check with your local track your racing at and see what they say.

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    Robert Brooks

    I sent your question to US National Certified Tech Inspector John Motley.

    Here is his reply to me:

    125 MAX: Cylinder with pneumatic timed exhaust valve. Cylinder has to be marked either identification code 223 997, 223 996 or 223 993.

     – See more at: http://www.gorotax.com/rules-and-regulations.html#sthash.lMEdOgie.dpuf
    PS. My Cylinder is 223 997

    That cylinder is eligible for all series that run 2014 USRMC Rules including the Nationals.

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