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    Tim Landon

    First race will be Roebling. Should I run Sportsman Laydown or Yamaha Senior? How many entries do think will show for both classes?

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    David Cole

    More racers will probably be in Sportsman, but the great thing about the schedule – you can race all 3 classes Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Mike Peters

    Sportsman will draw 6-10 drivers, Senior will be 2-4. Depends on who shows, weather, etc

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    Eric Stockford

    We decided to make the trip down.

    Bringing two piston port sprinters from Boston……………you guys want me to bring the Super Bowl trophy too? I know you have never seen one and we have a ton!!!!!!!


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      Tim Landon

      What’s a Super Bowl?  Is that a huge bowl of Clam Chowder?  You guys want me to bring the racing trophies?  I know you have never seen one and I have a ton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Allan Dawson

    Shout-out to all the SKC folks who made Roebling happen.  Great race weekend and Mother Nature cooperated!


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