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      Andrew Coulter

      Does anyone have advice for a newbie to this race? Pit strategy, parts of failure, tire wear, etc? Any idea why the weight limit is so high? Why is Rotax being required to run the rmax legal carb and 20lbs additional weight?

      Thank you

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      Tim Koyen

      The primary strategy of the race is to not break.  In most cases, if you break something, you’ll lose too much time to make it up.

      The last time we raced it, which was a few years back, we reinforced nerf bars, had quick change brake pads, fresh tires mounted on hubs so they go on quickly, safety wired everything we could, used double brackets on anything possible, and so on.  Keep the kart together first, worry about going fast later.

      One issue with the Rotax is the battery life.  I know there are people out there who used special batteries that would last the entire race, but someone else will have to chime in with that info.

      I think 2 sets of tires will last the race.

      I think the fuel tanks will hold enough for about 50 laps, so figure your pit stops from there.

      Good luck and have fun.

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      Andrew Coulter

      Thank you for the response and advice Tim.

      I’m still interested to know the idea behind the WKA rotax and rmax legal carb rule as stated on the website? As well as the 20lbs additional weight?

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      Roberto Perez

      What Tim said +1

      Plus,  we changed the break pads the night before the race….  put new batteries on your mychron too..  we raced without any data for the last 150laps

      3 stops is the way to go…….   As Tim Said, the tank should give you about 50 laps.. 

      Have fun and good luck!!!


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      Greg Wright

      It’s going to be cool but a great event with the Dan Wheldon Pro-Am Challenge to benefit the Alzheimers Foundation on Saturday and then the 10th Annual Robopong 200 on Sunday.

       I’ve just been confirmed as the announcer for the weekend and I want to thank the Dismore family, the entire staff at NCMP and of course the racers themselves for the privilege to be in the booth during this great event.


      Greg Wright

      Rapid Racing Inc.

      Greg Wright
      Rapid Racing Inc.
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      Morgan Schuler

      Just about every Org follows RMC rules for Rotax tech, that’s nothing new.

      If you haven’t been following along, the Rotax has had weight added to it by every national series this year because of a perceived performance advantage in TaG (which is unfair & not justified, IMHO).

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