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    I am looking to get a better kart to race in my club around here. I can get a 2008 rotax rm1 chassis with a dd2 motor for a really good price. My question is I have read some things saying the rm1 is not a competitive chassis anymore. Is this true? I also tried to find parts for it and have been pretty unsuccessful. I was on the old site searching and nothing to great about it. Anyone have experience with these chassis. Did rotax even make that chassis in 08? I got a serial tag on it and from what I can tell it looks legit. Any help would be great!

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    Rob Kozakowski

    I think the odd one was still made in 2008… They lost popularity quickly when the “real” kart manufacturers came out with DD2 frames – not that they were ever hugely popular to start with. Personally, I’d avoid it, but if the deal is good enough and you just want to get on a track, or you’re only racing against other RM1’s (don’t know where that might be the case), then why not?

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    Nick Weil

    I probably have more experience with them than just about anyone and I don’t think they made an RM-1 in 2008.  Last time I saw one ‘made’ was 2005.  Where are you going to race?  RM-1’s are typically VERY slow in the DD-2 class because they are so stiff and the 4th brake is very hard to deal with as a tuner.

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    Bob Baldwin

    Nick: Weren’t the RM-1’s made by CRG ?

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    Eric Alexander

    Sodi made the RM-1s.

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    Eric Alexander

    Brad, I thought I’d chime in here. IMO, the RM-1 is a very cool kart.  It is very unique and and has many innovative features – making it both cool and hard to find parts for. 

    However, it is uncompetitive by modern DD2 standards.  So IMO, that RM-1 should be in the hands of someone who might add it to their collection to showcase it for what it is – a unique slice of Rotax history.  But to simply have one as your main kart, or to try to race it competitively, its a bad choice.

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    Bob Baldwin

    +1 on Eric’s Comment

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    Jim Brummet

    Where would a guy find the serial # on the chassis thanks

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    Chris Polhamus

    I have a 2002 RM1 and my serial number is on the base of the steering “column”.  I believe later one’s were located on the chassis under or near the seat.  Incidently I only recently aquired this kart in a trade an am trying to decide to keep it or not (I’m not a kart guy but am building a 4 stroke for my kid to autox with).  Discussions like this lead me to try to sell it but I’m afraid that may not be possible due to its lack of competitiveness.

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    Dane Temlett

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry to raise an old post, but came along this thread while searching for information on the RM-1.

    I am currently competing in a DD2 class in South Africa driving an RM1. These karts are really cheap a 1/4 of the price of the newer age karts. So while i am slower than the rest i still have great fun participating.

    However, perhaps someone on this forum knows the correct seat positioning and kart scaling % i can dial in. I’ve searched all over the web but cant seem to find any info..Basically looking to get an optimum kart setup to try close the gap a little.



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    tony zambos


    Try http://www.sodikart-usa.com/. There is a download section and possibly have setups for a kart similar to yours. Or you might be able to contact them for info.

    For right now, have you put your kart up on scales? If you don’t have the scales, does your track have scales that are placed under each wheel? If they do, get the results the next time you wiegh in. Also look at you tire wear to see how the chassis is handling. Most of all, keep having fun.

    LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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    Dane Temlett

    Thanks Tony,

    I’ll do some investigating with Sodi. Nope, i haven’t put the kart on scales and was actually looking at purchasing some to get me started along with sniper alignment, they pretty expensive though.  I haven’t come across anyone at our local track with scales either.

    The front of the kart however has been laser aligned, but ill pay closer attention to tyre wear. Inside edge seems to wear a little quicker than the outside obviously due to the slight camber. Rears wear pretty evenly.




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    dinis miguel

    Hi, i recently buy one RM1.

    Here is a share of my RM1 files, it includes the original chassis and motor manuals.




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    Ed Chappee

    Dinis, thanks for posting the link to the files.

    Dane, did you ever get any info on the chassis setup for the RM-1?

    Possibly picking up a RM-1 and looking for as much info as I can locate.  Price makes it impossible to pass up:)

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