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      George Argiris

      RVKC is excited about this years scheduled events.  Our points races will follow those of CES – Blackhawk May 30-31, Grattan July 11-12, Blackhawk August 8-9 and Gingerman September 12-13.

      Please visit our UPDATED web page for tons of new stuff

      Post on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/River-Valley-Kart-Club/126251900779233
      Put your pictures and videos on our  you tube page.
      River Valley Kart Club has been providing kart racers with the best race facilities and race competition for over 50 years.  We started running sprint races in Gilberts and McHenry Illinois.  From there we added road racing to our schedule.   Over the last few years our primary focus has been to promote road racing in the Midwest and support the sport we all love.  Your membership will help maintain the equipment we provide and support our efforts to bring more racers to the track which helps to keep the costs down and the fun level up.  In addition to the races we are offering:

      Click to join http://www.rivervalleykartclub.com/join.html

      “What you get from an RVKC membership”

      • Chance to Win “CASH” yes “CASH”– RVKC Sunday money races – One selected race class for each race weekend.  Must be an active RVKC member to be eligible to win. There will be at least one class sponsor per race weekend.  Class sponsor races are for Sunday race events only.  Top RVKC finisher will be awarded $125, 2nd top RVKC finisher will be awarded $75 and a random RVKC finisher from the sponsored class will be awarded $50.
      • Chance to Win a Husky Mobile Workbench – one selected for each race weekend – $400 Value
      • Free transponder rental at all events – $10.00/day savings
      • Free BBQ to all members and NON-member on our May 30th RVKC award banquet at Blackhawk
      • “Fun Events for members and NON-members”
      • This year we are having a few “fun race event” – these race event are open to members, non-members and anyone that would like to come out and try racing –  more information to follow on our facebook site
      • Indoor racing events scheduled throughout the year at K1 Racing
      • Free BBQ to everyone at Blackhawk Farm
      • Fellowship and bench racing around the campfire

      “What RVKC does for CES Series”

      • Provide great racers
      • Support all series events
      • Provide scoring and communication systems for scoring
      • Provide radios and commination systems
      • Provide support and equipment towards our scales
      • Provide 50 plus years of Road Racing history
      • A foundation of all road races in the Midwest for over 50 years

      RVKC 2014 Award Baquet and BBQ – Open to all members and non-mebers will be held on May 30th, 2015 at the Blackhawk event starting 1 hour after the completion of all race events.  See you there.
      Please come out and support us and road racing

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      George Argiris


      We are a few weeks away for the start of our Enduro series.

      CASH MONEY RACES – We will have two (2) money races for the first Blackhawk event –  Class sponsor races are for Sunday races only.  Our CASH MONEY RACE CLASSES FOR BLACKHAWK WILL BE –  G-125 SHIFTERS and KPV Senior – The top RVKC finisher in each class will be awarded $125, 2nd top RVKC finisher will be awarded $75 and a random RVKC finisher from the sponsored class will be awarded $50 – Calling all G-125 Shifters and KPV Senior to come out and win some CASH – Special thanks to Gazillo Associates (Scott Gazillo), Dad’s Yacht Management (Paul Behnke) and Brian Duensing for sponsoring these two races.

      TOOL CHEST GIVEAWAY – One $400 value Huskey Tools Chest will be given away at each race weekend.   Must be an active RVKC member and be present at the drivers meeting to qualify

      AWARDS BANQUET – 2014 RVKC CLASSES – SAT one hour after the completion of all races

      FREE BBQ – For all Members and NON-Members – SAT one hour after the completion of all races

      Please help support road racing in the midwest and join RVKC

      – Click to join http://www.rivervalleykartclub.com/join.html


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      Paul Behnke

      If your new to road racing you can join RVKC and have your transponder costs covered for the season. Its one less thing to buy.

      They are even shooting a TV show that weekend! Too Cool!

      The 2014 RVKC awards banquet will be held right after the BBQ. I think someone is having a birthday party there too!

      I love racing at Blackhawk!


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      Paul Behnke

      Getting closer to Blackhawk.. I am going to loosen up that kart. Took out more of the akerman, so look out people! I’m have committed to going faster!


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