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      David Carrier

      I purchase a used (but never used) Margay 4.2x and have managed to get a few track days on it and I absolutely love it.  My biggest complaint is that I’m struggling to get the alignment correct.  I’ve borrowed someone’s snipers and I have it set for 0 toe right now, but the kart still pulls hard to the right and I’m constantly fighting the pull around the track.  Additionally, at high speeds on a long straight the whole front end shakes.  I’m new to the sport and have exhausted all options that I can think of, does anyone have any insight?  I will note that the kart came with used tires (which I’m using) and my next best guess is that maybe they are out of round?  Thanks for the help.


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      TJ Koyen

      Sounds like you have an out of balance tire in front and some stagger issues. Grab a tape measure and measure the circumference of all the tires, I’m betting one of them is bigger on one side. And get some wheel weights and some duct tape and balance your fronts and see if that helps.

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      I agree with TJ, but another important thing to consider is: Is it a tire pull, or a geometry issue?

      Best way to find out swap the 2  front tires around and drive it again, make sure your tire pressure is equal, if it pulls to the opposite side then it’s a tire, but if it continues to pull, then it’s mechanical.

      Check your king pins, check your caster, I bet that kart was wrecked and the wheel is bent, the kart may pull if it has negative caster, or set back, and will vibrate if the wheel is slightly bent or the tire is out of balance.

      Try swapping the front tires first and see what happens, if it still pulls, then give it more positive caster on the right side (if it’s adjustable) if not take it to someone who has knowledge of  alignments, installing pills, straightening chassis on a table, etc.

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      Greg Wright

      Are you making sure your steering shaft is centered when checking alignment?

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      David Carrier

      Thanks, all.  I’ll try to swap the wheels and give it a whirl.

      Freddy:   I wondered if it would be a frame issue.  I purchased the kart used from the original owner, but he never used it.  It sat on a stand in his garage and never even had fuel in the tank.  The only possibility that comes to mind as far as frame damage could be from possibly having the chassis dropped at somepoint?  I don’t have adjustible pills so as far as caster/camber, the front end just stays at factory settings (aside from toe).  If worst case scenario, it turns out to be a geometry issue, can the kart be bent to the appropriate shape or am I at a loss?

      Greg:  I have ensured that I’ve centered the steering wheel for alignment.

      I appreciate the input you all have provided and it gives me a good foundation to try to tackle this issue.


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      Jim White

      Make sure you check your REAR tire circumference. Any stagger in the rear will create a pull down the straight. At some tracks its advantageous to run a little stagger but for the most part you want both rear tires as close to the same as possible. I’m thinking that’s the problem. Especially if it was sitting with one tire flat and one still holding air.

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      Your issue may just be bad tires, swap the 2 front tires 1st, if no changes, then swap the back ones if it changes then that’s your problem. If not, then swap your 2 front hubs and bearings ( if it has front hubs )

      Those old tires are really dry and probably shrunk one more than the other, just like Jim mention, if it was flat for a long time.

      I personally never use a set of tires that are older than 1 or 2 months, if yours are older than a year, or 2, then toss them and install new ones, you’ll love your kart and now you’ll have a fresh starting point for set ups.


      And yes, most chassis are repairable, unless the impact when wrecked was really hard. But I would try the things I suggested 1st, and then we’ll know what to do next. Please keep us posted and share with us what happened after your process of elimination. Good luck. Fast Freddy.   ;)



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      Walt Gifford

      Put a ruler on the bottom of the frame and measure up to the rear axle to make sure it’s straight with the frame.

      Check the washers in the front spindle yokes to make sure they are the same front axle height left and right.

      Do you have allot of clag (rubber) build up on the tires? scrape it off with a heat gun and putty knife.

      Get a thin tape measure or a string and measure around the outside diameter of the tires left and right when they’re at the same psi. Should be within 1/8″.

      Margay makes 3 different almuinum caster pills make sure you have 4 neutral pills, if not make sure they match in type and adjustment on left and right sides.

      Put the kart on a flat surface, the steering wheel should be fairly centered.


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