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    $2500 for everything.

    You know the post – getting out of karts, everything must go, blah-blah. However, this isn’t one of those “ready to race!” posts where you actually have to have some of your own stuff to be competitive or get to the track. Quite literally, the ONLY thing you need in order to start with nothing and end up on the podium is: a) a truck or trailer to get the kart to the track, b) safety equipment (suit, neck brace, helmet) and c) some measure of skill. I’m selling the entire kart, ready to race, along with almost all of my kart-specific tools and all spares.

    If you’re unfamiliar with the chassis, Righetti is a Birel clone. Righetti is an Italian manufacturer that makes all manner of parts for karts that people are familiar with, but they also make a chassis. As such, most parts from the Nolamotor kart shop fit on this chassis.

    With this combination, in the 5 races in which I participated, I had a 1st place finish, two 2nd place finishes, and a single 3rd.

    Also, I’m not looking to really part it out, unless perhaps you want the spare engine, spare can, or something else that isn’t essential. I want to keep the package as a whole, so whoever buys it won’t be searching for parts the day before a race.

    Lastly, this thing is priced to sell. Search combinations (here and elsewhere) and you’ll find that this is probably $500 below any comparable kart. And, that’s just comparing kart prices, disregarding the fact that I’m throwing in an extra engine, spares, tools, etc.

    Call me with questions – n!ne-e!ght-f!ve 98!-6S72.

    2008 Righetti Ridolfi ExtremeKart Indy chassis (total of 10 races and 2 T-n-Ts on chassis)
    Brand new sticker kit
    Brand new KG Duo side pods and side bars
    Tillet T8 seat, size L (fits 33-35″ waist)
    Odenthal engine mount
    Mychron 4, w/ CHT
    Mylaps AMB 160 transponder
    KT100 built by Doug Flemming; fresh top-end w/ 0 hours; Comet blueprinted
    Radiused carb inlet venture
    RLV 2-hole air box
    Coleman remote carb adjuster (“Carb trigger”)
    Almost new (1 race old) extra-soft 50mm axle
    RLV L-3 pipe
    Almost new (2 races old) Righetti brake cylinder with reservoir
    Extra 4-hole can exhaust
    Extra KT100 engine (unknown blueprinting, but as fast as the race motor)
    Tomar TD-23 clutch, 11-tooth
    ~10 rear gears, 70-82 tooth
    Kart stand
    Magnesium wheels (4.5″ & 6″) w/ Burris B55A tires
    Coleman starter
    Spare parts
    – extra carb
    – brand new chain
    – extra spark plugs
    – extra flex pipes in various lengths
    – extra base gaskets, rings, cylinder gaskets, crankcase gasket maker, etc.
    – lots of bolts, nuts, safety wire, clamps, etc.
    – 40lbs of lead weights
    – chain breaker
    – clutch puller
    – clutch wrench
    – sockets and T-handle hex drives
    – thread locker (blue and red)
    – lots of other things I can’t remember

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    Paul Hir


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    Sorry – I’m in New Orleans.

    I bought the kart from California and had it shipped here for only $200. So, I don’t see why that couldn’t be done again. It might be a little more expensive, as I’ll need an extra box or two for the extra engine and ancillary stuff I’ve listed.

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    Kart is sold and delivered.

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