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    Valentin Yakimenko

    just bought 11 model extreme kart, almost new condition. the inside of the tire wears out really quick. it does have adjustment pills, my question is does anyone have a chart to the adjustments? it seem to handle good. but the inside wears out and outside still like new.

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    Most karts develop inside tire wear, as the chassis flexes and develops negative camber through the corners, and the rear tires as well, since the axle flexes too.

    Some tracks are harder on tires than others, depending on how aggressive and tight the corners are, and how small the track is. There’s also a possibility that your toe is way out ( it happens quiet bit) It is very important to snipe your front end before each race.

    Please give us more description about your track, track condition, your alignment set up ( where your tow, camber and caster is ) Please let us know how many laps or sessions you do before this happens. If it happens in the first few laps etc. Or at the end of the day. We will help you get it narrowed down, and some other guys here will also give you good advice. Thanks, Fast Freddy.

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    Valentin Yakimenko


    Thank you for you quick respond! it is a 32mm chassis with lo206. i hope it is not bent. previous owner raced it 3 times. the practice tires i ran had even wear.  didnt pay much attention during the day of practice on the wear. (my first lo206.. was to excited )  but when i got home started inspecting the kart i noticed the uneven wear. track smooth with medium grip. will give you detailed info after this week. we have rotax nationals all week long, so ill go and grab me some more practice tires :) lol. but ill be back with the info.
    on the other hand, friend had a crg chassis, and he was able to pull up chassis alignment diagram. they had a description for each position of the pills. and i was wondering if there is something like that for my chassis.

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    Yes, there are all kinds of aftermarket parts for those, but let’s find out how bad the wear is first. Try to hook up a snipe gauge and see how far the tow is

    Place some pictures of the tires and let us see what’s going on.

    Remember, tires wear out quiet bit at the inside showlder, a lot more than the outside ( that’s normal ) Most people flip the tires around to get another track day out of them.

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