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    Cole Liggett

    I am pretty excited about the ricciardo kart line.  Let me start by disclosing the fact that I’m a huge ricciardo fan and that I have not seen the specs for the kart, I’m hoping that since it will be manufactured by Bire ART that it’s going to be a well built chassis, and hopefully with Daniels input it will be quick as well.  Anyone else have any thoughts on this new kart brand?


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    David Cole

    You are not the only one. I have heard a few people excited to order their Ricciardo Kart, as they are big fans of him. I assume it will be very similar to that of the Birel ART frames, with his own branding.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Just like the Paul Tracy Kart ( CRG )

    Fernando Alonso Kart (OTK, Tony Kart )

    Alex Zanardi ( CRG )


    They are usually pretty closed to the production karts, with a few changes, but most of thr components will fit from one kart to another.

    But yeah, for the most part exciting to see what it’s gonna look like

    Probably blue and purple with all the infinity and red bull emblems/graphics?

    Does anybody have a picture yet?

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    Keith Bridgeman

    I don’t get it.   Buy a Birel.      Why not a Vettel Kart?   Least he has won championships.

    What is the count and chassis brands now.   200.   1 for every driver.



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    Cole Liggett

    If you buy a Vettel kart it’s going to be a DNF every weekend.  :)


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    Daniel White

    The Vettel kart is called the Vettel KDS.

    Kate’s Dirty Sister

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